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'Rat I swear to god...'

Who: Shion and open
What: Shion comes back from the arena, and is disapproving of Rat's methods, and tries to get sponsors and get back used to capitol life, also he goes to a museum because his escort is mean
Where: Main tribute lounge and around the city then at one of the city museums
When: Late week 2 after Shion's death

[Tribute lounge] Shion's death had been quick, that was about the only positive thing that could be said about it. He had been killed without drama, without excitement, by a tribute four years younger than him. He hadn't even had the decency to stay alive long enough for a teary goodbye to Rat.

His escort wasn't happy with him. Shion was use to her disapproval but it still hurt, because he had tried this time. Tried to stay alive because Rat was still in there...

He had gotten out of the district four suites as quickly as he could and went down to the main lounge. At least there was more people and he could sit quietly in a corner watching the games.

It wasn't something he liked doing, usually he avoided it unless he was specifically trying to help people, working out who needed sponsors. But for the moment he was watching for only one person.

It didn't take him long to find Rat and he frowned when he saw what he was doing. It was smart yes... but risky, not to mention deceitful. But he couldn't blame him, because he was Rat, and if there was anything Rat was good at; it was surviving.

He was about to turn the screen off, not sure what to think, when the feed cut to R and Shion frowned as it showed his death, and him coming back. Still human... from what Shion could see. But clearly not fully. What Shion feared... that this cure was not as much as a cure as they claimed.

It did occur to him, like it had before that the only way to ensure R remained human, was for him to win... He sat and frowned at the screen for a while.

[Around the city] If there was anything Shion had learned it was that after dying, especially after dying in the second week it was that he couldn't hide. As much as he wanted to. Not if he wanted to help those still in the arena. So the day after he came back he went out into the city, it was still quite cold and so he found himself in one of the many cafes. Sat by the window watching those outside, keeping one eye on the footage of the games playing inside. He made sure to smile at anyone who passed.

[One of the city museums] At first Shion had tried to refuse. He might have been brought up in a place where museums did not exist but the last two weeks he had had his fill of them. And didn't really want to step inside one again.

But his escort had just looked at him, and told him that even though his own performance had been pathetic, Rat had managed to intrigue some people. And didn't he want to help R, he could do that best by representing their district. And museums were the place to be, they were even half price this week, the reasons went on and on and as usual it was easier just to nod.

So Shion was walking around the exhibits, trying not to feel sick and staying in sight of his escort, who was chatting to others, with just the occasional question about how much fun he was having.
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[Tribute lounge]

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Subaru had found himself holed up in his room for far to long. The feel of death, of suffocation - it had been a bit much to handle for him.

So when finally left his room, and the District 5 suite, he arrived in the tribute common area. His mind felt foggy and his body sluggish, despite being told that he was in perfect health when he woke up in the clinic. Even now, he knew he should be dead. They were interrupting the natural flow of life and death here, and he honestly couldn't wrap his mind around it.

Finding a seat towards the edge of the room, it wasn't but moment later than he'd notice there was another near him. He followed his gaze to the screen and frowned, "How could anyone watch this?"
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His gaze dropped to him, feeling his chest tightening. Was it possible for Hokuto and Seishiro to be in there someday as well then? He forced the thought from his head. There was no need to put such things into the universe. To see the expression on the other teen's face, he understood those feelings.

Carefully, Subaru reached out to put a hand on his shoulder. Maybe it was too forward, but he could only hope with everything he had that it was somewhat comforting to him.

"If you or your friends need it," he began, trying to smile despite the despair he felt, "I will help too."

He wasn't close to anyone in the arena, so if he could offer even a bit of help to someone that was suffering, it would help him feel normal again.
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Subaru sat next to him, risking a glance at the screen above them, "What is your friends name?"

He could finally feel the dark cloud that had been hovering over him lifting. It was almost like working a job. Dedicating himself to helping someone else and making sure they were safe and happy; that would give him some purpose again.
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city museum

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Barbara needed to get out. It'd been a restlessness that had her talking with what Sponsors she could, but it was an uphill battle, for a District that had last shown favor at the start of the unending quell. By now, with longtime runners like Donatello and Harley (out on day one), some parts are harder sells than others. Mindy and Jean are new, unknown elements: some of the others who have yet to be assigned a district might also end up in their favor.

It's a double game to play, when she has her own goals to pursue that may or may not fall in line with what's happening in the Arena.

Televisions keep her informed of events where-ever she goes, with the exception of some of the exhibits in the museums taking advantage of their sudden popularity. Here, surrounded by bizarre sculptures and wax models, Barbara could let her mind work with minimal interruptions.

"Say, do you think that's a wick?" she asked someone passing by, gesturing to the wax figure labeled "The Thinker." A wax sculpture of a man sitting on a toilet with an Arena dome on his lap did indeed look like he had a wrist-thick wick emerging from the back of his skull.
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She tilted her head the other direction, as if seeing it from this angle would inform her on the nature of the mystery knob. "Awfully tiny hat," she said at last. Who knew? Tiny hats have cycled through with different Arenas, and in different Capitol trends. She'd seen photographic evidence of exactly that before.

Such as it is, she turned her attention toward the person she was speaking with, finally getting a good look at them. Familiarity niggles at first, then hit full force. "Ah, District Four, right? Is it ... Something with an S?"
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She beamed, seeming pleased that she recalled a consonant associated with his name. "I'm Barbara," she said, holding out her hand. "Nice to meet you, Shion, for all you're a mite bit out of my District. I'm a mentor for D9."
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She smiles. It's such an automatic response, but she allows this one to be almost shy, hinting at some level of affection. It's not entirely for show. "Eva was my mentor heading into the 69th Games. Yeah, we're both District 9 all right. You've talked with her before?"
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"Eva's a blessing to know," Barbara agreed. "It's been nice getting a chance to catch up with her."

Yet Eva is not what she feels like talking about - from the complicated network of relationships she weaves, it's more of note what Shion does and doesn't say than any particular platitude on Eva's status as a nice individual.

"Did your escort suggest you come out to the museums?"
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"What makes you think that?" Eva could come across that way, and Barbara wouldn't have been surprised -- there are many reasons for Eva to be angry, both valid and invalid.

"Ah, yeah, meeting everyone. Who've you met today?"
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"Are you a little shy by nature?"

Barbara likely would have laughed if confronted with her own misunderstanding. She started to suss it out even then, with Shion's statement about dying so quickly. Eva could only be upset with Harley over that this Arena, and Shion had never been in the 9th District's Tribute listing. She'd clearly missed a connection along the way.
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"You're from a small town, before all of this?" She gestured to the exhibit, the paintings and statues and goodness knows what else mounted on the walls.
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"Tell me about it," she said, smiling in encouragement. "I reckon the cities that exist in other places might be all kinds of fascinating. I'd love to hear."
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She was glad to see classism was alive and well just about everywhere. Still, it is fascinating. Barbara had an eagerness to devour these new and different ideas, turn them over in her head to see if any might somehow help her uncle.

"So you were tested like that when you were little?"
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"Non conformity? Not blending in?" She knew what it meant, but it didn't pay to seem like she was that savvy to what people said in general. "What did you do to deserve a label like that?"
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It was good to have a read on the people around her. Shion's past actions, and his own now and going forward, were things she would do well to keep in mind as long as he was relevant.

In this case, as long as he was here.

"Did you know he was a prisoner when you let him in?"
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An act begun out of consideration for another, and continued even when dangerous. She wondered at his motivation and personality. "Why?" she said, head tilting to one side as she regarded Shion with curiosity in her eyes. "What made you keep helping him, even when it got scary, knowing what he was?"