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1st-Aug-2016 09:58 pm - [closed] I'm On My Way
lionhearted_victor: ([WHAT NOW])
Who| Leonidas and China
What| A reunion between a Districter and a Capitolite
Where| Sorrow's Library
When| A few days after end of war
Warnings/Notes| None other than language and references to torture and violence
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beckstitch: (The truth won't make you happy)
Who: Beck and Emily
What: Breakdown, the sequel. Beck gets incredibly drunk and looks for comfort.
When: About three weeks after Snow's death
Where: The Capitol
Warnings: Alcohol, PTSD, and general drama

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18th-Jul-2016 11:35 am
ka_sera_sera: (old happy very small smile)
Who| Roland Deschain and the Signless
What| talking and maybe brainwash stuff
Where| some random forest between districts somewhere
When| maybe a couple months after the war
Warnings/Notes| this will deal with the brainwashing the Capitol did during the war, so warnings for that

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whatisay: (Basic - Would Ben Franklin Change Your M)
WHO| Jason, Sinclair and Swann
WHAT| A final goodbye and a supplies run
WHEN| During the last battle
WHERE| Sinclair's home
WARNINGS| Just the usual for Jason.

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etcircenses: (Default)
Who| Everyone.
What| A reunion.
Where| District 12, the meadow.
When|10 years later.
Warnings/Notes| Mentions of death. Please warn for anything in headers.

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27th-Jun-2016 11:30 pm - Closed
foundafamily: (14.1)
Who| Roland Deschain and Firo Prochainezo
What| Observing the rebuilding and helpfully offering some doses of skepticism
Where| A run-down former-District town
When| About a month or two after the end of the war
Warnings/Notes| Will update as needed

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etcircenses: (Default)
Who| Everyone.
What| The aftermath (and memorial).
Where| The Capitol.
When| A week or two after the battles have ended.
Warnings/Notes| Death mention. Warn for anything in headers.

Though it was the offworlders who helped save Panem, it is not they who are voted into into office. A District 8 woman, Commander Paylor, is recognised as the new President for taking quick command of the Districts and helping them through the darkest of times. Panem is neither willing to have a Capitolite President, nor ready for an Offworlder one, though who could speak for the future. Nevertheless, there appears to be no better person for the job.

Even without their leader, the Red Oleander lives on, guided by the belief that the offworlders, and all Peacekeepers powered with offworlder abilities, put the world out of balance. Conspiratorial rumors persist of Snow having survived and of the the Offworlders hoarding a power to bring each back to life. Yet even despite these things, the gratitude expressed to offworlders, to the rebellion, is far stronger.

From stone, a new statue is eventually commissioned and carved. Sandy Marko stands at the front, offwordlers standing up behind her getting progressively smaller and less detailed for those who were gone well before the battle could begin, but still nevertheless remembered. They all stand with face high, the light of the sun catching on it for most of the day. A plaque reads; the Protectors of Panem.

The ash rubble that used to be the Tribute Tower hasn’t quite been all cleared yet, either due to a business or an unwillingness to yet forget the past. The plans for a memorial have already gone ahead into motion though. 1741 tombs without bodies, all dedicated to each child who ever perished within the arena, flowers covering the field. Approximately 625 other burial places for offworlders who died and never came back, some with more than one body beneath, twins, triplets and then some laying together. Still living offworlders are called to the labs all over the city deal with their own bodies like one would the remains of family members. Still, some lay within mass graves in the Districts, where not every citizen could be accounted for despite the very best attempts, and so are remembered in a war memorial to come. Among these memorials will be one for District 3 and District 3 alone, the engraved epithet still undecided but suggested to nod toward their intelligence, their courage, and a sorrow for their great loss and the failure of Panem to save them.

Much of the others Districts still lay in wreckage. Camera crews and more are called to record the damage for present help and future remembrance. Things start to be built and rebuilt including hospitals like in District four and housing in others. For the first time, travel between the Districts is opened up fully to everyone, allowing the people to help themselves and each other. While some return to their old jobs to keep Panem stable in the war’s sure economical fallout, others prepare for new opportunities, no longer bound to the District’s set ruling. While physical repairs are done, those in higher positions work around the clock to prepare for this fallout and patch problems before they can begin to create a new and stronger economy that is equal and fair to everyone.

District 13 in particular proves divided, as some are fearful to leave the bunker, the only world they ever knew, and others enter into the world, some even walking into the sun for the very first time. President, or rather, Mayor Webb is there to lead them.

In the Capitol, Gamemakers, many profiteers of the Games, a number of peacekeepers, and those of Snow’s Cabinet are brought in to eventually face trial, but may wait in prisoned for the meant time. The traps are destroyed where they can be and closed off where they can’t, while the mutts are all slowly captured, most places containing them still heavily restricted. Many Capitolites appear lost, with their old ways of life completely shattered. While a large portion of Panem remains unsympathetic, an order (featuring a few offworlders and victors) has formed so as to protect them and initiate them into their new lives, looking in particular to teach the younger the wrongs of the old ways in new school curriculum.

Similarly, the Avoxes have been completely liberated, as many as could be saved brought in for what will soon be a fully functioning rehabilitation program. Schedules and plenty to clean allows them the chance to ease into their freedom slower, without so much stress. As much information that can be found on their old lives as possible starts to be gathered, some accepting of their old names, others clinging to nameless-ness or reclaiming the nicknames given to them in their slavery. Families are contacted and later reunions are arranged for when the Avox is ready. Signing is taught, albeit very slow. Many recovered Avoxes flock here to help and even just to recover themselves.

Rehabilitation is set up for soldiers and former Tributes of either side. Although fights still break out, many do their best and it is nevertheless seen as a good first step for those willing to come to the sessions and participate. All the while, the establishment of the Peacekeepers itself is turned on its head, old ways being taken apart to make way for the new. Among the new are the Head Peacekeepers and the steadily changing laws and forms that may one day help bring the nations trust back to them as they learn how to truly keep the peace.

Scientists who are able are also willing to offer their services to the offworlders who need it. Chips may be removed from people all together, once and for all, to allow people their language and powers back. Others keep the chips and remain inhibited, preferring to live life without their powers, with many Peacekeepers who were experimented on choosing this option.

One scientist in particular believes it may be possible to use Snow’s energy conversion weapon to convert the memory chips into energy which may then be tied to the character. This way, upon their eventual death, on the chance they can return back to their old worlds, they may still remember if they choose. Possibly. Some offworlders are offered to have altered versions of their chips put back in later for the purpose recording memories to be made into energy. While effectiveness of this is uncertain, it’s seen as worth a shot by some.

Likewise, some see little point in a memorial before everything has been finalised, but others wish their chance to mourn before they’re forced to move on...

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etcircenses: (Default)
Who| Everyone.
What| The end of Snow. The end of the Games.
Where| Everywhere.
When| Day 8.
Warnings/Notes| Warn in headers.

The network goes live one last time.

It is heard everywhere. On the comms of the offworlders. From the speakers in the Districts including that of 13. In the mountains of District 2 where the portal is prepared to be finally shut down. It is heard all over the Capitol, all over Panem.

While a few soldiers still put up a fight, many Peacekeepers are forced into surrender. The soldiers of the Capitol are either caught or totally freed. Districters, Capitolites, offworlders. Some let out a great cheer, others are already looking to flee, while still more turn their faces upwards, breathless in wonder of how to brace for this new and uncertain future.

There’s no going home for offworlders, and many natives as well. Only finding new homes. People are sure to be reunited just as losses are sure to be realised. There will be resistance just as there will be great change.

After 78 years, the Games are finally over.
22nd-Jun-2016 01:42 pm - Truth Or Dare
etcircenses: (coriolanus snow)
Who| President Snow and the victor of 76th Hunger Games.
What| The end of Snow. The end of the Games.
Where| The Presidential Mansion
When| Day 8.
Warnings/Notes| Violence, death.

The blast from the facility lights up the Capitol, and in particular, the presidential mansion. It knocks out much of the building and takes down those nearest to it. With the spark, the fire catches quickly. The flag of panem is engulfed, the golden eagle catching to become a phoenix. Thick black and grey smoke winds around the perfect white pillars. White, to red, to ash.

An evacuation is impossible with the war going on. Aircraft can be shot out of the sky. The Mansion, once the most secure building in the Capitol, at its very heart, has become a dangerous prison. A temporary solution has been fled to, guards flanking either side. They stand at the door but are quickly distracted by another smaller explosion from the other side, then gunfire. The rebellion is making its way across the gardens, looking to reach that greenhouse central to it.

Running there won’t go without a shot or too firing and possibly even grazing, but getting into the greenhouse is possible. Being followed in is inevitable, but the greenhouse full up with heavily scented roses, brings a lot of places to hide and potential jump out from. With the guards dealt with or avoided, soon enough, at the end of the greenhouse, sitting and smiling like he knows everything, the President waits.
futilecycle: (For in life as in death)
WHO | Sigma, Phillip Gray, and OPEN. Later Sigma, the Initiate, Phi, and others.
WHAT | Sigma makes his escape. The final confrontation of Sigma Klim.
WHEN | Day 6
WHERE | Whatever zone your character is in, outside of the barrier. Final area TBA.
WARNINGS / NOTES | Part 1 (Private confrontations) for now, Part 2 (Assassination Threat) to be added. Part 1 is OPEN. If you would like to be a part of the assassination, please see this plotting page for more details!
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