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The Victor is...

Who| EVERYONE. IC participation is mandatory (OOC is not, you may handwave)
What| Momoko's victory crowning
Where| The ball room
When| The Wednesday before the next arena.
Warnings/Notes| None atm.

The party was styled for Momoko.

The tables were covered in lace, delicate dishes and silverware, flowers that fell from vases covered in Victorian paintings. It was the most extravagant tea party to ever be thrown, with tiny, thin china cups and a too many tiny little finger foods being passed around to count. The ballroom has been styled in extravagant Baroque, as the Capitol was fairly liberal with their adaption of historical time periods.

The costumes were just as liberally chosen, from tall, powdered wigs holding birdcages with live birds, clearly hailing in the style of Marie Antoinette to regency gowns gathered under daringly (and occasionally outright) exposed busts to tight corsets and the skeletons of skirts exposed and decorated. A quarter played live music at one end of the room, before a wide dance floor.

At the head of the room there was a long table with a throne for Momoko, as elaborate as anything else in the room. And along the long table, group close to those who they seemed to enjoy, was a place for many of the Tributes, with a small place card that said "Special guest of The Capitol." This table was fed first, received drinks first, and was clearly favored.

Any Tributes not seated at the long table with their peers were dispersed among the the smaller table spread about the room, left to rub elbows with the guests invited from the Capitol, and the reporters covering the event. Security was, if anything, tighter than the last crowning.

These people have seats a the big kids table. You guys are free to decide who sits by who (And if three people sit by one person, don't worry too much about it) but they are, when possible set by their friends:

Atticus Bell
Draco Malfoy
Dr. Grey
Tony Stark
Howard Bassem
Javert Neeshka
Vanessa Carlysle
Lindsey McDonald
Albert Wesker
Blaine Anderson
Alex Rider
John Watson
Lottie LaBouff
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'Small table'? 'Not favored'?

The way people were surrounding Don, one could be forgiven in thinking Don was at the small tables by mistake. There were half a dozen reporters who wanted to talk to him, some who asked him about the seeming snub of not being able to sit next to his totally obvious girlfriend at the moment! Momoko at the crowning table.

On his part, Don managed to shrug it off and smile. Not everyone can fit at the big table, after all. But deep down he had the feeling he knew why he wasn't there.

Finally, after some time, he got some breathing room, and he managed to get up to walk around. Shell, what a night.
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Riddick didn't have a seat at the big table, either. That didn't bother him any. He leaned back in his chair most of the night, looking-- he thought-- ridiculous in the period get-up (deep blue and purple, at least, so he looked suitable dark, even if it was way too fluffy in all the wrong places and moved all wrong), keeping reporters off him through sheer glare-power and by directing them over to somebody else when he got bored with that.

He was, however, at the same table as Don, which amused him a little. He could at least watch the talking turtle deal with reporters he was too nice to shoo off.

"Oughta give you some lessons, man," he commented dryly during a break in the interviews.
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"Lessons?" Don shrugged with a smile. "Its not much of a problem, really. Nothing I haven't been able to handle yet."

Its true, he's a nice guy. But its not just niceness that prevents him from shooing off the reporters. He knows the reporters are the propagandists, the ones who made his outside image to the people of the Capitol. And that meant Sponsors. Which meant supplies. Which meant he had a chance of bringing people out of the Arena.
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"Hey, long's you don't mind it, I guess. It'd make me wanna kill somebody, all those questions." And whether or not he was serious about that comment, the lingering reporters did hear it, and it did make one edge away a little. Riddick kind of loved that he hadn't even killed anyone yet, and he could still intimidate the little fucks.

Even when dressed up like a goddamn doll.
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"Well...its not so much minding, so much as..."

Survival. Not wanting to snap and lash out, especially before doing what he had to do. Trap more with honey than vinegar regardless of the questions, the fact he was nothing more than a freak with entertainment value to many of these people. Fated to die over and over, and kill over and over...

...just not wanting to snap and lash out.

"...I figure it might help with Sponsors."