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Who| Everyone
What| Lockdown
Where| Tribute Training Center
When| Starting around dusk
Warnings/Notes| None atm. If your character tries anything extravagant, shoot the mods a pm.

Dusk was falling when it started.

Anyone in the District 12 suite's would have heard heavy sounds above them moments before a loud explosion rocked the entire building. The electricity flickers once, twice, then goes out, replaced by cool, blue glowing lights running along the ceilings. Avoxes appeared silently, as they do, herding people from one room to another.

Once the door shuts, it doesn't open again until the last person is there, sealed shut. The windows in the rooms with them were darkened, and the computer would not respond to any request to show anything. However, food could be called to the room, the trays appearing as they normally do. But the doors would not budge, and the cool blue lights stayed the only light source, the only power.

Although there was nothing to see, there was lots to hear. Banging, foot steps in the halls, on the floors above, explosions, straining metal collapsing, scraping down the side of the building. Occasionally the repetitive rapping of gun shots. Yelling. Screaming. Those near the top of the building could smell smoke, at times strongly. The elevator can be heard moving up and down, even though it doesn't respond to any calls from those trapped.

The sounds last into the late night, finally quieting around midnight. Finally, at 1 am, a calm, cool voice comes over the loud speakers.

"The rebellion forces have been repressed. We will be clearing the building for the next few hours. Please stay patient and sleep well."
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Cinna OTA

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Cinna hated how twitchy he felt being locked up while there were people upstairs fighting and dying. He was just glad he had brought his tablet. He had it out and was using it to sketch. Anything to busy his hands.
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There was a big, irritable looking Tribute wandering around in that little room with Cinna, too. That probably wasn't doing Cinna's nerves any favors, either. Especially when said big guy, eyes covered with dark sunglasses, came to peer over his shoulder at what he was sketching.
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Clothing. Clothing with dramatic statements, using fire, wings, feathers, and his own brand of magic. He looked over at Riddick, curious.

"Yes?" he asked, blinking is gold-lined eyes.
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"Just lookin'." This wasn't a tribute, after all, just some guy who'd been caught here. One of the guys who worked here, maybe. "What's that supposed t'be?"

Hey, fashion wasn't really something Riddick ever paid attention to. It was all just colorful noise, to him.
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Cinna smiled a bit. "It's for an interview. The Tributes in my District have to be presentable after all." He looked at Riddick carefully, wondering if this man knew who he was. In the end, he decided that it was best to introduce himself anyway. "I'm Cinna. The Stylist for District 12."
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"Seen you around. Didn't have a name." Which was sort of a lie. Riddick remembered the name now that the guy had mentioned it. He didn't offer a hand, but then, he wasn't exactly the friendly sort in general, unless he felt like being intimidating or stupid that minute. "Richard B. Riddick, Tribute for District 11. But I figure you know that already."
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"I did," Cinna admitted. "Though introductions shouldn't be wasted." He considered Riddick for a moment.

"That's so strange to me, to hear you say you represent District 11 and yet know that you've never visited it." The comment was really meant more as a commentary of the situation they were in than a criticism of Riddick himself. Looking at Riddick's arms and Cinna realized only an idiot would rush into insulting this man. "How do you deal with it?"