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Who| Alpha and OPEN
What| Alpha's pissy and drinking.
Where| A bar, quiet and focused on drinking.
When| Post Arena, Pre-Lockdown
Warnings/Notes| Standard Alpha warnings, in particular homicidal thoughts, otherwise none so far.

There was a part of Alpha, a few parts actually, that were starting to suspect that the Games were all some big plot to humiliate him for all to see. It would explain a lot. He pondered this possibility darkly, along with the problem of Ballard, not to mention the problem of Howard.

And, as always, the ever-present issue of not being where he needed to be. These problems and more, since multi-tasking was a necessary skill of Alpha's, he considered while he sat at the bar in the first dive he could find where nobody would bother him for autograph's or what have you, nursing a tumbler and glaring moodily at the rows of bottles on the wall.
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Bars were Riddick's bread and butter, especially these days. He sometimes got drinks for free, he could browse on the snacks that were laid out to lure in drinkers, and he could listen to people and keep an eye on other people.

Alpha was one of those people he wouldn't mind keeping an eye on, given the guy looked almost as well-built as he did and had that always-watching look to him. It happened to be coincidence that he wound up in that same bar that same evening, though, even if it was a happy coincidence.

Well. Not happy. You know what he meant.

He ambled up to the bar to take a seat two down from Alpha and held up a hand for one drink. "Surprise me," he added to the bartender when she looked at him with brows raised. "You know I'm good for it."

And she did, so she set about mixing.
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"Hey, it ain't my money." Riddick shrugged, waiting for his drink. "Ain't made me pay it back yet." He imagined they probably would try eventually, but until then, he was happy to use it to some moderate amount.

And it technically wasn't blood money, since he hadn't killed a soul yet. Alpha might know that-- might not.
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"I'll worry 'bout that when they come to collect." He sized up Alpha with a vaguely amused expression. Alpha might have planned to be long gone by then, but he was still here now, wasn't he?

Then again, so was Riddick. He hadn't found the escape route yet, but he was working on it. "Looks like you ain't to worried about it, either," he commented.
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Uh-huh. Riddick wasn't entirely sure whether that was supposed to be serious or not. "Guess not." Even if it was all fucked up. Riddick tended not to approve so much of the whole situation. "Not too worried about wrinkles, though."

((:: snerks :: this may wind up them just doing a lot of not talking... XD ))
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"Like to see them try," Riddick grunted, accepting his drink at last and downing a gulp of it. Not bad, this time. A little sweeter than he liked, but not bad.

((and Riddick HATES talking about nothing XD I definitely do not see these guys getting along))
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"Heh. Point. Ain't sure how they'd manage t'get money out of me, though, when I ain't got any. Could throw me in jail, but what'd the fans have to say 'bout that?" Maybe they could kill him and not resurrect him afterwards, but he didn't know enough about the situation here to know if they'd go through with it for something as small-change as his booze bills.

They'd probably warn him first, though, either way, and he could decide what to do about it.