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Give thy thoughts no tongue

Who| Initiate and OPEN
What| Initiate got told to go to speech therapy lest he find himself avoxed again. His escort signed him up. He's not enjoying this.
Where| Around any lobby, lounge, cafe, library, or park -- you decide! 
When| Wibbly wobbly time -- various points before and after dying gruesomely in the children's arena
WARNINGS| Language. 

The books are piled high around him. There's enough he could build himself a small tower, or he could rearrange them into a wall what he could sit inside. Truthfully, he ain't above none of those things, but he's on business right this minute.

Some very frustrating, slightly painful business.

Normally, when he takes to reading-- which is often-- he keeps quiet, letting the words roll all into his skull of their own willing. Reading out-loud just drew attention on things he didn't need attention for. In this case, however, he ain't got a choice. Alex hadn't outfight said, get this done or you'll be made a mute again, but there was still the threat there, and if he had to talk with the motherfucker again, it might not go so well. But the other reason was that he hadn't actually signed up willing. It had been done for him, and it was awful, and he'd be happy to never ever motherfucking do for one of them sessions again, with the Capitolite "speech therapist" making like he was some kind of stupid and couldn't talk just as well as any.

Like he did the fluctuations deliberate. He didn't. Doesn't. But they happen, all scarred on him by the power of his voodoo, and he can't just make it stop. Voodoo scarring don't fade. This is a futile task.

Still, he's here, reading Shakespeare aloud and miserable. 

"WHAT-- gh-- what do you read my lord? WOR-- rrr-- FUCK!" His voice has never sounded quite so hoarse. His face is twisted up like he's in physical pain. He breathes deep through his fangs. "Words, words, words. WHAT IS THE M- OTHERFUCKING...! Whatisthematter,mylord, betweenwho!"

He drops the book and let his face fall in his hands. So what if everyone can hear him whine? They can hear him doing this shit, which is even worse. This is never going to work.
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It's only a matter of time before the silence is broken up by the sound of something large and mechanical coming the Initiate's way - a whirring followed by a heavy thud, methodical, always the same pace. Alex rounds the corner of the lounge to see a fortress of books that pose a safety hazard if they fall. He should put those away so Capitolites, Tributes, Escorts or Avoxes don't get injured.

Approaching, it takes a few more feet before Alex spots the Initiate, the top of his horns barely visible over the books. Decibel levels seems as if they're still in need of correction. Still some cursing. But it's clear what the troll is trying to do and Alex decides that he can take some time out of his patrol of this area to personally sit down with him. Being a cyborg doesn't mean he can't service the community.

Alex looms over the Great Wall of Shakespeare (and Assorted Reading Material), his face tilting down.

"I can help you with your corrections, Initiate." Alex doesn't ask if he wants the help. "In what way can I best assist you?"

Saying get lost, you fucker might not be the best approach.
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"You seem to have difficulty with your 'indoor voice', enunciation, and I detect stuttering," Alex says helpfully. "I am a judgment free resource. I've been rendered incapable of unproductive emotions such as impatience."

And with that hanging over the Initate's head, he sits down in one motion that's somehow both mechanical and inhumanly smooth. He reaches out and relocates one of the book stacks to the floor, book by book, so he can have a direct line of eye contact with the Initiate and see his face. The chair manages to hold his weight, all several hundred pounds of chassis as he sits, ramrod straight. Helps when you don't have a spine that can succumb to fatigue.

"What is your immediate area of concern?" Alex's eyes finally leave the troll's face as he looks down at the book spread out in front of him. His HUD highlights the book in glowing red, scans the pages and flips it around so he can see it right-side up.

Hamlet, Act 2, Scene 2 scrolls at the bottom of his "screen".
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Alex operates by Sim social points apparently

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"If they can take away your speech only to give it back, then it stands to reason the Capitol has the capacity to correct your impairments regarding your phonal tics."

Alex lays it out patiently as if the Initiate had the benefit of being an actual Capitolite. While the volume remains an issue, as well as the stuttering, it's clear that the Initiate has been working on his aggression issues. Alex puts that under his profile, his approval rating of the troll increasing a few points. That already puts him above his friend Mr. O'Connor.

"Just give it more time. You are already off to an acceptable start," Alex nudges him, unsmiling. "I can read along with you if needed - Hamlet is public domain and in my database."
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Sounds about right!

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"Yes. It's helpful in situations like this." Alex doesn't seem to care if he made someone actually flinch away from him. "You do if you're still having difficulties," he can't resist pointing out.

There's another split second pause where Alex decides if he should bring up Hamlet, eyes on Initiate's face the whole time, or if he should approach it differently. Clara's mentioned a few times that it's a little "unnerving" when he does that kind of thing, stares when he's actually busy multi-tasking where no one but his techs can see it. Opting for the closest thing to politeness he can manage, Alex reaches over, picks a book, any book, and opens it to the middle so he can look down, pretend he's reading it.

"I mean, the matter that you read, my lord," Alex recites from the copy he has open in a tab on his HUD, brown eyes fixed squarely on his prop book.
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Alex doesn't jump to the next line - naturally he recorded the Initiate's attempt at reading his own lines, a digital audiograph popping up to the left, bobbing alongside with the troll's head movements as Alex glances up. The spikes in the waveform indicate where his voice rose above acceptable levels, Alex selecting several points of interest.

"Two counts of profanity. One major expletive, the other minor," Alex points out for the Initiate, his voice still flat and neutral. "Damn" doesn't ping him as really worth noting, but because the Initiate is having trouble overall, he points it out for thoroughness's sake. "An improvement over the last time we talked," he adds, as if that's reassuring. "You were doing well in the middle."

It's the closest thing to positive reinforcement the troll can expect, Alex noting that it had fallen apart at the end.

He looks back down at the page, his HUD highlighting Lord Polonius's aside. "Though this be madness, yet there is method in 't. Will you walk out of the air, my lord?"
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An easy line for the Initiate. So easy that Alex doesn't immediate launch into his side just yet, instead leveling another flat, dead-eyed stare at the troll. "The expletive in question is 'motherfuck'. You now have three counts of that particular one."

It's probably a good thing there aren't minors present in the room - after all, there are other Tribute that are underage and therefore shouldn't be subjected to this disorderly conduct. The truth is Alex doesn't care about indigo castes, messiahs, voodoo. He doesn't care about scarring because he knows the Capitol can fix just about anything, that if they can bring back the dead and correct his own unproductive behaviors, then this should be possible, too. Easy, in fact. It seems as if the Initiate still hasn't grasped the concept of what the Capitol can do for him if only he approached it in a civil manner.

"And I already told you the Capitol can fix your 'scarring', whether it's neurological or something regarding your lungs, vocal chords or mouth," Alex goes on, finally blinking. [EMOTIONAL ANALYSIS: AGITATION, DISTRESS] pops up on his HUD as he stares at the troll - he's still staring even as he launches back into his own lines. "Indeed, that is out o' the air ... How pregnant sometimes his replies are. A happiness that often madness hits on, which reason and sanity
could not so prosperously be delivered of. I will leave him, and suddenly contrive the means of meeting between him and my daughter ... My honorable
lord, I will most humbly take my leave of you
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The expletive count is now at four.

Alex takes up the challenge, the skin around the corners of his eyes tightening as if he'd be narrowing them if it wasn't for the neurosuppression.

"There's no such thing as 'souls', Initiate. Mental processes have physical correlates in brain function," Alex helpfully plagiarizes Wikipedia because he can. "If they can implant neural relays in my brain and 'get' my soul, as you put it, then yes. I believe they can touch yours as well."

It's actually more complicated than that - you don't just crack open someone's skull and pop in the relays like you're changing the batteries, for one thing. It's months of hard work before you even start tinkering with serotonin and dopamine levels. However, for the purpose of his conversation, Alex believes it's enough. The Initiate doesn't strike him as being receptive to all the reading material proving that the concept of a soul is flawed, outdated, and he seems to believe that mental processes are a fundamental part of him. That they can't be easily adjusted and he won't even know anything's changed.

Clearly this troll will require extensive work, possibly more than he can offer with his limited services. Concentration and staying on task don't seem like his strong points.

"Do you think I have one?" Alex asks, almost curiously. "If you think my suppression is slipping, then I'm obligated to report it to my handlers so they can correct it."
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"Good," Alex prefers that the suppression remains stable. It's less of a burden to his handlers if it's active longer and longer. He'll need it reliable if he's to be a Peacekeeper down the line, after all. "Again, I remind you to watch the profanity."

It seems the more they discuss souls, the worse the Initiate gets as he loses ground on any progress he's made. While he isn't stuttering now, the profanities are more frequent and the decibel levels are once again unacceptable.

"I feel arguing about what constitutes a soul won't get anywhere. We should agree to disagree," Alex doesn't frame it like a question - it's more a statement with finality. He meets the Initiate's stare without backing down. These days Alex physically can't lose staring contests, not when blinking seems optional and he has no concept of when he's toeing the line. "Please focus on your corrections."
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Gonna timeskip forward a little - thread wrap unless you wanted him to do anything?

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It's late into the night when Alex decides to call it quits for the day - he stands up, doesn't go my butt fell asleep, and stares down at the Initiate who has shown some limited progress despite his outbursts. (He's also pulling up the contact info of a resident speech therapist - the Initiate can expect an unsolicited call from her in 24 - 48 hours after she checks her schedule).

"Unfortunately I need to get back for my scheduled maintenance," Alex excuses himself. "Remember to keep sufficiently hydrated and eat periodically to keep up your energy, Initiate."