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how soft your fields so green, can whisper tales of gore

Who| Hiccup and You
What| Hiccup's freaking out a little bit.
Where| Pick a Scenario
When| Present day
Warnings/Notes| SPOILERS ahoy.

No village, no Astrid, no Toothless, no clue. That was how things were looking right now. When Hiccup had first woken up, naturally, he'd looked for his father. He was dead, right? He expected his father to be sitting right nearby, smile on his face, unhappy Hiccup was dead but otherwise enthused about showing him around Valhalla.

He could practically hear him, imagine the heart slap on the back. "Hello, son! I waited for you so we could go feast in the hall together!"

But his dad wasn't there and he woke up in a strange bed that was far too soft, in a strange empty room, with some kind of...thing attached to a wall. It was playing images from the foggy place that he'd been, showing people getting slaughtered.


His dad was nowhere to be found.

"Oh gooods, this can't be real, please tell me this isn't real." Hiccup tried blinking his eyes open and shut a few times, then pinching himself. Nope, still there. He wasn't in the afterlife but it wasn't a crazy dream, either, or if it was, he couldn't wake up.

He looked down to see what he wearing. Okay, it wasn't that different from the kinds of things he wore at home, wool and leather and fur lining, but the fact they'd dressed him in his sleep? Creepy. There was a boot next to the bed so he slipped that on and went running for the door.

A. In the Hallway

The next few hours were a blur of terrified exploring and trying to escape. Just getting out of the building was an adventure in pushing random buttons and then he wandered through a - not a village. A town? A city? With stone obelisks taller than any house from home. The ways out were barred shut and guarded by soldiers that wore the same kind of strange armor as the ones that had shoved him into the arena. It didn't help that there seemed to be some kind of plague going on, making it even more difficult to move around.

So it was after a rather frantic and exhausting search, overwhelmed by his death repeating over and over again in his head and the new sights he'd seen (metal flying carts of some kind? Metal carts that seemed to roll around on their own?) that he came back to the Tribute Center, stumbled his way into a random hallway and sat down, back against the wall, to indulge in a nice, thorough panic.

Ooooh yeah, it was about time get at good bout of hyperventilation in. Just one.

[ooc: This one I'm just going to limit to one person, whoever tags it first, since he'd likely calm down after]

B. Choose a location

After calming down (slightly) Hiccup decided to take a look around the Tribute Center. They'd left him his notebook and he'd managed to get a pencil from one of those people that wasn't speaking, and he was pretty much drawing a map of the entire Tribute Center as he went. It couldn't hurt to make sure he knew his way around, right? It was a big building and he had no idea what kind of threats he might face in it.

He was occasionally jotting little notes of things as figured them out, like the buttons on the lifterator that opened at each floor of the building.

Unfortunately, this meant he sometimes stopped right in the middle of where people walking, completely oblivious to that fact.

[ooc: He can be found in pretty much every place in the Tribute Center and that includes District Common Rooms that are not his own. Just state where your character finds him in the subject.]
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Alex has had a few days to adjust to the idea that he's not even capable of feeding himself like he used to and it still doesn't feel like enough . He needs techs and handlers for things as basic living from day to day because if he doesn't, he gets a repeat of the Arena. Starving to death because he can't process food and he barely absorbs water. Nice to know he can't grab breakfast anymore.

He finds himself missing greasy scrambled eggs. Coffee. A crappy beer the perfect level of ice cold.

Alex makes himself scarce when District 5 trots out brunch. There's nothing worse in his mind than sitting there staring at the plate while the Escort gossips and the other Tributes (mostly) look miserable. Nevermind the Avoxes. He hadn't known they couldn't talk until he tried to hold a conversation with one and the Escort pulled him aside to stage-whisper that they didn't have tongues anymore so he shouldn't pay them any mind. He'd stared, too surprised to blow up, and when he turned around, the Avox had vanished. Alex has a sinking feeling he doesn't want to know what happened to their tongues.

He catches Hiccup out in the hall. He's scrawny and Alex doesn't realize he's actually older until he gets closer to realize he's definitely old enough to be tried as an adult. (Old habit from his job). When he gets even closer, he can see he's drawing and he's actually...pretty good? Like he expected stick figures, but these look almost like blueprints, notes. Someone's taking this more seriously than the other Tributes he's seen out there.

"Plotting an escape route?" Alex knows he can't sneak up, so he doesn't try. His smile is a little wan despite telling himself he'll be more upbeat today. "Good luck."
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"Tell me about it."

Alex tries not to take it too hard and in a way, it's easier because the what the hell is that thing look coming from a stranger is easier than family, friends. Other cops at the station. Besides - the kid's kinda growing on him. Big talker, this one. He figured they had something in common, flicking a glance down at the glint of metal where there should've been an ankle. Instead there's what looks like a prosthetic foot, like it came out of a garage or something.

"Alex Murphy," Alex holds out his hand, the joint purring. He makes sure to hold out the right one because at least it's got skin and muscle there (he thinks). "Arena or before?"

Alex tilts his head down at the young man's foot, the kind of nod you'd give to another cop and go nice war wound.