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you got a way with words

Who| Katurian and OPEN
What| One of the Capitol's torturers is chilling around the city.
Where| The Capitol streets
When| Week Six
Warnings/Notes| Possible mentions of: ptsd, child abuse, torture.

In the back of his mind, Katurian heard chainsaws.

(Vroom vroom vROom.)

It was ticklish, almost, like a feather on his scalp or a lover whispering into his ear. (Katurian never had lovers, but he knew how to write stories about them, stories of exhilaration and control and, yes, chainsaws.) It was too cacophonous to be pleasant, too uneven to be soothing. The sound stood somewhere between an imagining and a hallucination. It was unusual. Normally he only heard screams.

In public, Katurian had taken to dark hoods and opaque goggles. It did not conceal his identity, not entirely, but it made him feel more protected, more invisible. The chainsaws growled in his mind as he completed his errands, traveling from store to store, street to street.

At the end of the day, he always found himself outside the same place. The radio station. He was a wandering ghost and this, perhaps, this was his grave. His salvation.

This was the only place where the chainsaws sounded like music.
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Shion had been wandering around the shops mostly aimlessly. His escort tried to make him go out into the city at least once a day and he found it easier to avoid the screens here. He couldn't really avoid them purposefully so at least if he was busy it gave him an excuse.

Of course they were everywhere, and even outside you were never far from the sound of them. He saw the figure in the hood and glasses and went to move out of their way. He found it was easier just to work around Capitolites than expect them to see you. Unless they wanted to see you, and then Shion usually wished they hadn't.

Which was perhaps unfair, because there were people he had met who had been nice, kind even. But their complete lack of concern for the atrocities their city was committing was enough for him to fear them.
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Shion blinked as he realised the hooded figure had spoken his name. The voice registered, having a memory like Shion's helped sometimes, when people hid themselves.

The first time they had met Shion had thought he was nice, the second time not so much and he was friends with Penny, Penny terrified Shion. Even more so now after their meeting in the park.

Shion had met many people since Rat had saved him but Penny was the first to so openly enjoy cruelty.

He didn't really have that much time to react before he was grabbed and the wall was behind him. Panic flooded him along with shame, because he should be better at this by now. Rat had tried to teach him. He had been in three Arenas now. Yet he still could get grabbed so easily.

If Rat had been near he would have been disappointed. "Katurian?"
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Touch was important to Shion too, it was what brought him to calmness, whenever his mind ran away from him. Stopped him from panicking and reminded him where he was, what he was supposed to be doing. But it could also hurt, hurt and scare him and sometimes it did both, like when Rat held daggers to his throat and Shion feared for his life and yet felt safe all at the same time.

He mostly didn't try to understand it. He forced his features under control, a smile touching his lips because he had to smile even when he didn't want to. That was the difference he though, between being free and not being free.

"It's okay, it's nice to see you as well, I haven't seen you in a long while."
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Shion nodded, he understood. He was not a social person when he had a choice about it. But he didn't really. Not anymore. His escort was always pestering him to go out, and making him go to parties and meet new people.

And he liked people, he really did. But not people who stared at him and reached out to touch his hair and whispered about him when they thought he wasn't listening. Or maybe they knew and didn't care. He didn't like people bringing up his deaths, or asking about Rat.

"I'm alright." More smiles, "I'm enjoying being back in the Capitol, my escort took me to all the museums."

He was getting better, at saying what he knew he was supposed to say.
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Shion blinked, a little confused and it took him a moment to work out what Katurian meant. The party, the masked figures, Penny...

"Oh." Shion blinked trying to sort out his thoughts. It had been... frightening, but Shion was used to fear. He had not known that Katurian was friends with Penny, but it hadn't surprised him all that much. Even the fact he had been different than the first time they had met, different than now.

"It's alright, I didn't mind..." He blinked, dark purple eyes seeking Katurian's under the hood.
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Shion blinked at him and moved closer, reaching out a hand to take Katurian's, trying to peer into his eyes, ducking his own head to do so. "I don't want to be innocent... I shouldn't be innocent." Innocent was weak, innocent was being a burden, not being strong enough to survive, to protect Rat.

He blinked when eye contact was made, "Yes Penny is..." Words got stuck, he couldn't really say what he thought about Penny, at least not outloud. Her smile had haunted his nightmares since the day in the park.

"I'm glad you want to help though." Wanting to help was good, it was a feeling that didn't so much exist in the Capitol, or No. 6.
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Shion blinked, not expecting that reaction. Katurian had touched him so he had thought... thought that he would be alright with Shion doing the same.

"No... I'm sorry... I..."

He paled at the question, purple eyes looking everywhere but Katurian. He knew he should walk away, telling Katurian this was the same as telling everyone. Everyone important anyways and he did not need another reason to be controlled.

But... it was Katurian and even though Shion didn't know him well he wondered about him a lot. Wondered how the man in the art gallery differed so much from the man in the mask.

"I killed someone..." His voice was barely a whisper, "They hurt Rat... so I killed them."
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Shion visably flinched from the shock in Katurian's eyes. He had never told anyone before, not even his mum. Rat knew, Rat had been there obviously.

Panic rose in him as he realised he shouldn't have spoken because now Katurian would hate him and he would be right to, because of what he had done.

"Yes... a year ago... maybe more... When I was... before I was here... they hurt Rat..." He was physically trembling now, he still remembered pulling the trigger, the cold anger running through him. Rat's tears...
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Shion closed his mouth at the shh and took a deep breath, trying to calm himself, not sure he could.

When Katurian told him he knew... it helped a bit and Shion blinked at him. "I don't like hurting people..."