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Forward-dated to late Week 5 - Open!

Who: Rat, Shion, and You!
Where: Tribute Tower, main common area, and his room.
When: Post Arena death, so late Week 5
What: Boyfriends reunited, and he has some reading to catch up on.
Warnings: Very light hints at suicide.

Closed to Shion:
He wasn't sure just why the way he was tired felt so... familiar. Like the dull ache from running, running, running. He expected to be tired afterward. But this felt strange. This was probably something else Shion hadn't told him. It was probably some foolish notion of protecting him.

Now that he wasn't on edge, he was able to more properly consider how everything had occurred. Starting with Shion joining him at the Cornucopia. As stupid an idea that was for him to do, he honestly wasn't surprised.

And then when that girl killed him. So quick, so easily, and he could do nothing. Because he'd gotten sloppy so early on. That had changed the game for him. He played it his way, and he did it well. But not good enough. All because of that damn leg wound. Because he'd gotten greedy. Why did he even go for that, anyway? He'd gotten caught up, he'd left his head behind on the platform.

Speaking of his head, whatever he had left of it disappeared with Shion. Even outside of West Block, No. 6, and the correctional facility this kid clouded his better judgement. Every instinct he knew, that had gotten him this far, knew that attachments like this is what got you killed. This was why he'd left. This is why he should stay away from Shion even now. Especially in the Arena. But Shion barely stood a chance with him, he stood less of a chance without him. All he had to do was get Shion to win, and he wouldn't have to do this anymore. Sure, he knew what that meant. It would possibly mean doing the one thing that is against every principle he'd ever had in his life. But, it would be on his own terms. That was tantamount.

Shion had seen a few Arenas before Rat had arrived here. Somehow, he'd retained some pieces of himself. He hadn't changed. That one request before they descended into hell together had, so far, held true. This would, if he had anything to say about it, remain to be seen.

A glance through some of the information accessible from the console in his room showed some small amount of chatter about his strategy, and why exactly he had started that after Shion's death. Well, at least he'd caught their attention. That had been the goal, right? Even his death had been a spectacle, despite the fact he hadn't directed it.

When he opened the door, he wasn't really at all surprised to see Shion. He slid a foot behind himself to make sure Shion didn't knock him over during the inevitable running-start-hug that was coming.

Rat had been trying to settle back in, but his nerves were still shot. He needed a book, a quiet room, and several uninterrupted hours to settle back into his normal state. He was jumpy, on edge, and in a general foul mood. He was ignoring the screens displaying the ongoing Games, and instead nosed through whatever reading material there was to be found. Volumes glowing about the history of the Capitol, some biographies on select Victors (that he were sure were embellished from reality if the way current events are addressed is any indication), martial arts techniques too ludicrous to be taken at all seriously, ad nauseum.

Anything considered too trashy to be permitted to exist was dealt with appropriately into the round file. Other books that he'd merely disregarded were left strewn hither and yon wherever he may please, sometimes closed, other times left on the last page he'd glanced through. Only one or two made it onto a nearby table, and they were perhaps worth reading. Somehow, Rat had made the modicum of reading material into a mess many times its previous size. He didn't have any intention of cleaning up after himself.
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Shion had all but fought himself into district one's suites and paused at the door to Rat's room, staring like he couldn't quite believe that Rat was there in front of him, a moment later he launched himself across the room. Not even caring that Rat would be annoyed or angry at him.

He didn't even say anything. there was too much to say and Shion wasn't sure he had the words to say it, he had spent the last few weeks watching Rat, hoping that he would win, trying to help him, knowing that he probably wouldn't be able to stop him dying in the long run.

And he hadn't, so now he just clung to him and didn't say anything. The babbling would come after hugs.
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There wasn't really any privacy here, but not having people looking at them was good enough. He shook his head, light blue whisps of hair falling messily back into place.

"You didn't... I'm sorry." He blinked up at him, "I should have been more careful."
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Shion didn't even argue the idiot bit, he was used to Rat calling him an idiot, "It's hard to plan when we don't know what we will face until we get there." He said softly.
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"I guess." Shion knew nothing about the stage, so he could only agree with Rat. He stood, semi awkwardly by the couch as Rat lay down. "Are you feeling alright?"
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"Thirteen hours and twenty six minutes." Shion told him, "Maybe a few more minutes now, that was when you woke up." He didn't like thinking about Rat's death, the anger he had felt, the fact that he was going to punish that woman next time he saw her.
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Shion blinked at him, realising what he hadn't told Rat. And what he wasn't sure he wanted to tell Rat, because he knew exactly how Rat would react.

"It's like that... any injuries from the arena are gone completely, like they weren't even there..."
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Shion stumbled a bit as his hand was taken, trembling slightly. He remembered, he remembered the running, the driving, finding the one doctor who would take in fugitives whilst the world went crazy. Rat had almost died, it had been so close... Black purple eyes met Rat's as his chin was lifted. Words sticking in his throat.

"It's a new body..." Almost a whisper, he stared at Rat letting himself zone out, because it was easier than facing this. "They have some technology... they put us in new bodies..."
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"Rat." It was still scary, seeing Rat freak out. It was usually Shion who did the freaking out, Shion who panicked and worried and had complete breakdowns because they weren't in their own bodies and he didn't know how to deal with things. Rat was the one who handled everything calmly, and knew what to do.

But that wasn't fair, Rat shouldn't have to deal with everything alone. Shion had been here longer and had more time to deal with things. He stepped closer reaching out to grab Rat's hand. "Listen to me."
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Shion got closer, not letting go. "Sit down." He said softly, "It's alright, it's just... something we need to live with."
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Shion stumbled backwards as he was pushed and watched with teary eyes as Rat moved towards the door. "Where... where are you going?"

He went over to him, because surely Rat had to know that he couldn't solve things by leaving anymore, nothing would be helped by him walking away.

And Shion wouldn't let him, he grabbed his wrist.
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"This isn't West Town." Shion told him, his grip tightening. "You can't survive here as you did there. You don't know anything about this city, or the people. You can't just go off alone, and I won't let you."

He realised he was shouting, but he had just gotten Rat back, he wasn't going to lose him again.
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"I am telling you that. You're used to being able to hide. You can't hide here. There are cameras everywhere, more than No. 6. And they will find you."

He stepped closer, "Remember what I was like when I came to West Town? This is you now. I should start calling you your majesty."
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"Perhaps or perhaps I just want to make sure the Rat King stays alive, is there a character like that?"

He pulls at him, pulling him back into the room.

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