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Valentine's Day Boogaloo

WHO| Capitol characters and returned Tributes
WHAT| Valentine's day field trips!
WHEN| Week 4
WHERE| Tribute Center
WARNINGS| One of the options involves mild kink setup.

Rumors are flying around the Capitol about the 'dream tech' from Enjolras' crowning earlier, rumors that confirm that those Tributes who found themselves trapped in nightmares were the unfortunate victims of a glitch. Supposedly, the technology was recalled, and a new version should hit the commercial market sometime next year.

On Valentine's Day, Tributes in the Capitol are expected to cooperate with what the Escorts call 'a fantastical romantic dream' out of one side of their mouths and 'an uncompensated computer experiment' on the other. Eager to diversify their data, little white-coated scientists with tablets and clipboards lure in Citizens, Peacekeepers, Escorts, Visitors, Mentors, and anyone with a pulse to participate too. Participation isn't mandatory, but supposedly people who join in will be heartily rewarded for their contributions.

It'll be just like last time, the scientists and Escorts say, but better.

Participants are brought to their rooms with several Avoxes and a handful of scientists each. They are laid out in their bed, and a needle is slipped into their vein. As the chill settles into their bodies, electrodes are placed on their heads.

They fall asleep, and they wake up surrounded by other participants in one of five lifelike virtual scenarios.

1. The Beach

It's sunset on a gorgeous white-sand beach. The sun is setting, throwing brilliant color all over the water, and in the background some samba music is playing. Participants are barefoot and in sarongs or swim shorts, and fruity cocktails seem to appear from nowhere whenever the participants so much as think of thirst. The water is warm, and dolphins leap from the waves in the distance. Some of them swim up close enough to pet.

2. The Ballroom

A beautiful ballroom is filled with red heart-shaped balloons and romantic music. Participants are paired up in twos by shadowy figures and asked to waltz. The champagne flows freely, and partway through the night a disco ball above explodes into miniature white doves. Participants are dressed in outfits made entirely of diamonds and wisps of pink clouds, like cotton candy.

3. The Canals

Participants sit in a long canoe traveling along the canals of a clearly historical city, run-down but recently spruced up with paint and balloons. The sun is rising, and the pink dawn is reflected in the perfectly still water. Little h'ors d'euvres are sitting on tiny plates in the gondola, pieces of cheese and bread and tiny cups of gelato. In the distance, someone sings about 'l'amor'.

The gondolier is an Avox, so your mileage may vary on how romantic that is.

4. The Opera

Participants sit side-by-side in plush velvet seats in a huge opera house (the other seats are taken by nondescript shadows of people who seem to vanish if they're looked at too long). A beautiful female opera singer serenades the participants one by one, often by climbing onto their laps and providing them with kisses along the cheekbones. Between acts, the opera transforms into a dance club, with pounding electro songs about heartbeats.

5. The Candlelit Dinner in the Bedroom

A small table is set up inside a hotel room. Fat lobsters with sauce are laid out on plates next to bowls of soup, and fine wine bottles sit next to glasses so clean they sparkle. A huge four-poster bed with sheer curtains sits in the center of the room, next to a window portraying a full moon and a magnificent skyline. Constellations of hearts abound in the night. Rose petals are strewn throughout the room, which is lit by red and white candles.

Next to the bed is a mahogany dresser, and if one looks inside they will find all manner of sexy lingerie. There are some toys - fuzzy pink handcuffs, a tickler feather - but nothing too risque.

[OOC: Please select one of the options below for your character to have a 'slightly too crowded to be romantic' field trip. Then tag around in your option. The reward will be revealed at tonight's death roll.]
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Fights between Shion and his escort were nothing new, not that they were fights to anyone who did not know Shion well. Since it was just a lot of stubborn silence on his part, a lot of loud explanations about why she knew better than he did on hers and the escort always won.

But they were battles of will and ones that Shion found himself losing more often than not nowadays. And so he was terrified as he listened to the scientists talking and his escort ensuring him that of course it wouldn't be like last time, and of course that had been an absolute fluke, the technology had been upgraded. This time it would be perfect.

Shion wasn't sure perfect was a word he would use to describe this, alright so it wasn't maneating giants, bees and piles of corpses. There was no Wesker trying to kill him. But he was in some kind of ballroom, in a costume so rediculous it made him want to cry being led towards someone else and told to waltz.

At least he did know how to waltz, it was the only dance he knew.