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Don't be ashamed, the body has needs.

WHO| Wesker and OTA
WHAT| Dinner and a show.
WHERE| The Training Center Restaurant.
WHEN| Week 3ish
Warning/Notes| It's Wesker, consider yourself warned.

He didn't need it. Not traditionally speaking. The virus was a perfect, internal engine, humming in his veins. The chains of sleep, thirst, and hunger all but broken. (All but.) The Capitol even saw to his more - unconventional needs.

But it was a habit Wesker still occasionally enjoyed. The tactile experience of it - the taste and the smell. The weight of the knife in his hand, the thrust and tear. The color, a bright splash of red against a pale golden plate.

A feast for his senses, if not his body.

Seated at the best table, away from the central flow of traffic where he was less likely to be disturbed, he dined. Cutting into a steak so rare it wept a puddle of ruby as he cut into it. Bleeding out in time to the screams coming from the monitor set into the walls.

The Games, as ever, never far away.
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Shion usually found places out of the way to sit. Not liking any attention, preferring to be out of the main group of people. He knew the point, if he wanted anyone to sponsor him, was to be noticed. But it was still a hard mindset to get into.

He blinked at Wesker, fear flickering through his eyes as he remembered their last meeting. But that had not been Wesker's fault, hadn't been anyone's fault if his escort was to be believed, just something going wrong with the technology the Capitol had used. His frightened look turned into a soft smile which faded again slightly when he saw the mans plate.

He realised he was staring and blinked, "Oh... hi..."
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Shion blinked at him and it was a moment before he spoke, gathering words to him like they were physical things floating just out of reach. "I was addressing you Wesker." He finally said, looking away.
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"No..." Shion tried to smile at him, "You can eat whatever you want." Though Shion felt sick at the idea of eating meat that rare, but Shion sometimes felt sick at the idea of eating plain bread.

"It is none of my business."
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Shion blinked at him as the silence stretched on. "I guess..." He whispered. Because he sort of was, he was glad to not have to live knowing that any moment someone would kill him. But at the same time it made him feel guilty, because Rat was still there, fighting alone.

"It's alright."
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Shion blinked at him and then nodded. "My... my friend from home." He glanced at the screen, despite not wanting to.
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Shion went bright red looking down at the table, staring at the steak. "I'm not really that useful out here." He said quietly, "But I'm trying."
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Shion blushed again and watched the meat being tapped, watching the remainding blood drip onto the plate.

His eyes flickered over back at Wesker, "You would help him?"
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Shion watched him, black purple eyes flickering between hope and fear. "His name is Rat." He paused, "At least that's the name he goes by." If he had another he had never given it to Shion. Shion wondered if he did, or if Rat was the only name he could remember.

"He saved me..." Shion paused and stared at the plate, because putting these things into words was hard, and he wasn't sure he wanted to say such things outloud for anyone listening to hear. But... but perhaps it would ensure Rat's survival, he had never even mentioned his name before because he had been so afraid they would bring him. But now he was here, and there was nothing Shion wouldn't do to help him, to save him.

Even if Wesker wouldn't help, others would be listening. Someone might decide they were interesting enough. "He saved my life but more... he saved me... he stopped me from growing up being a brainwashed worker, who didn't... who didn't even feel. Who didn't know what it was to suffer, or love."

He dragged his eyes up to meet Wesker's, or at least what he could see behind the glasses. "I owe him everything, and I couldn't even stay alive long enough to protect him..."
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He guessed that was right, but it didn't make him feel any better. "I know... But if I can help him from here, if I can help him win... then he won't have to be hurt anymore."

He's not stupid, he knows being a mentor has it's own trials and struggles, but it is not the arena. And a lot of being in the capitol was acting and pretending, at least for a tribute. Rat was good at that.
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"Because." Shion blinked, "He's strong and a good fighter. He's interesting, he would not be a boring victor..." Rat at least new how to make people like him, how to make them hang onto his every word. If he got to the end he would make it dramatic.

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"And..." Shion took another breath, "He's good at being what others want him to be, but he is still himself..." He stared at Wesker, "I can't even figure out what they want, except entertainment, but he will know."
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Shion blushed, he knew he wasn't very good at this. But it was all he could do and he felt a jab of fear that it wouldn't be enough, that he wouldn't be able to help Rat at all. The fear turned into annoyance. An anger that he only ever seemed to feel when it came to keeping Rat safe.

"You are better than me at this, tell me how to help him."
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Shion's annoyance melted away in an instant, to gratitude and relief. "Thank you." His voice was soft as he reached out to take the paper, his fingers trembling slightly.

"If you ever need anything." He blinked sincerely at him, "If it's something I can do..."

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