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there is a pseudo-intellectual in me; open

WHO| Enjolras and open!
WHAT| Happenings around the Capitol.
WHERE| Commons and the Tribute Center at least. I'm cool if you want to start something elsewhere, too. c:
WHEN| Generally in Week 2.
WARNINGS| Highhanded philosophical ridiculousness, probably.

[1; training center]

Generally speaking, Enjolras avoids the designated training areas. It isn't that he has something against physical fitness, or is somehow embarrassed by his decidedly modest combative skills. No, it's that they exist as a stark and concrete reminder that the Tributes live for a purpose solely destructive. The best they can hope for is to live and die perpetuating a barbaric system. It isn't something he ascribes to personally but there is a certain inevitability to the reality of it.

That said, he has only ever experienced the training areas when they are inundated with his fellow Tributes. With the Arena on that isn't as much of an issue. In fact, the training areas are more or less deserted in the middle of the day, those Victors who do choose to workout mostly keeping to an actual regimen rather than doing so out of a futile attempt to avoid the disappointingly ubiquitous television broadcasts.

Nonetheless, it's with an uncomfortable tug at the thin cotton t-shirt clinging to his skin that Enjolras climbs onto a mat clearly intended for boxing. He hadn't been much for fighting of that sort in Paris, but he had a cursory knowledge of it from Bahorel and oddly enough, Grantaire, and it had to be more useful than fencing or canne de combat, at any rate. And if he could focus his attentions on his own destructive capacities, perhaps he could block out those happening in the Arena.

[2; main lounge of the tribute center]

Ostensibly, he's reading. There's a pen tucked behind his ear, just visible under blond curls, and a paperback with a distinctly worn cover resting on his lap. Nevertheless, Enjolras' attention is focused on the television coverage of the Arena. He glances down every now and then, seeming to pick up a line or a passage, but it's a farce. He isn't making progress, and even if he were, it isn't any information he didn't already know. He closes the book, finally glaring daggers at the statistics on the screen, at last unable to hide his disinterest.

Never the less, a terrible cycle presents itself. Every seven minutes or so --when the advertisements for luxury cosmetics, designer cupcakes, and whatever else the Capitol is fond of this week begin to run-- he'll stubbornly reopen the book, struggling to find his place again and slowly losing interest again once the programming resumes. It's a losing battle, he should really just move to a different room, away from all the pageantry, but his curiosity forces him to stay. It's a vicious, nagging thing. He wants information about his friends, and yet he also fears what the television might tell him.
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Shion usually avoided the training room as well, when everyone else was here it just reminded him how out of his depth he was. How useless at fighting and surviving he was compared to every other tribute.

But when most people were still in the arena, he could at least focus on the few things he could do. Knot work, making traps. His attempts at using weapons usually ended in disaster but he sometimes still tried.

The more he watched of this arena the more he realised he had to try harder. Even though he could try and gather sponsors he couldn't really help Rat here, couldn't stop him from dying or being hurt.

He hadn't managed to stop him being hurt whilst he had been there either, and that was why he had to train harder.

Of all the people he expected to see, Enjolras was not one of them. He blinked, "You fight?"
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Shion nodded slowly, he hadn't expected it even though Enjolras was a victor. He had thought he was more like Shion; well perhaps not like Shion, he had proven himself capable of surviving after all whereas Shion had yet to live past the second week of any arena.

"Did you fight in the arena?" He asked, he couldn't remember seeing him do so, but he hadn't seen all the footage, in fact he had actively avoided some of it.
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"It worked." Shion blinked at him, it was still a feat to be able to hide that long without being caught and without being hurt and manage to survive until the end.

"At least you don't have to do it again." Hopefully, unless they put the mentors back in. But hopefully now they had done that once they wouldn't do it again, at least not too soon.
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"I'm sorry..." The apology came automatically the moment Enjolras spoke, Shion looked down and studied the ground. He imagined it would be awful to not be able to help those you cared for, kept safe yet forced to watch them fight and die.

"I understand... I don't think I would want to stay behind... even if it meant not having to fight again." If it meant leaving Rat to fight alone, leaving him to die.

Alright so Rat was fighting alone now, but that wasn't from Shion's lack of trying to stay by his side, Shion was just bad at survival.
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"You think it is irrelevant?" Shion blinked at him, since that was how he tried to help those he cared for once he died. Though he didn't have as much power or influence as a mentor. However if Enjolras thought even his own efforts were for nothing, then Shion's were not helpful at all.

He didn't like to think that way, since it was the only thing he could do to help anyone.
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Shion hung on to his every word, nodding along when he agreed, which was most of the time. He supposed someone should tell Enjolras that such words were dangerous, such thoughts were dangerous and he was going to get himself, and those he cared about in the arena killed.

But Shion wondered if he cared, or if he was such a person that his ideals and his sense of justice was greater than caring about the lives of himself or others.

"I don't think even those in the Capitol believe it is any kind of moral or even historical necessity anymore." He said after a moment where he had gathered his thoughts, putting them into words. When he had spent his life not talking about such things, finding words to use was hard. "I think they believe it just entertainment, that's all..."
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Shion nodded, understanding that. It had been the same in No.6 people had been unable to protest because it would have not every occurred to them that their way of life was anything outside of perfect.

He nodded, "I can understand ignorance, if no one has been taught otherwise but when someone knows and understands what is going on... yet still supports such a thing." He nodded, feeling slightly ill.
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Shion shook his head, "Not really... I mean I tried to learn but I'm not very good." And he wasn't sure he wanted to be, he remembered how it had felt to have a gun in his hands, to shoot it, to kill out of cold rage.

He wasn't sure he wanted to feel like that again.
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Shion nodded, he understood that. He had never even contemplated wanting to fight until he had met Rat, and then he had killed for him. His eyes danced between Enjolras and the equipment. "I guess I will need a lot of practice... if I'm to be of any use to anyone."

He couldn't rely on Rat to protect him, it wasn't fair, and he didn't want to have to be stuck out here unable to help Rat, so he would have to learn and get better.
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Shion nodded, "I understand." Being resourceful was hard, even if it was something Shion was better at than fighting. "I think there are places here to learn how to conceal yourself." He should look into it, as well as fighting. He nodded, his face set. "I have a lot to learn."
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"That would be good." Shion smiled, it was always better to learn with others, sometimes more so than from others because then he felt less stupid, less like he was the only person who didn't know these things.

"I am sure I will see you soon then."
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"I will then." Shion would probably do his best to warn if he was going to turn up. "You too," He smiled, "And thank you."