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District Tours: Train Ride

Prior to their departure, the Tributes have to suffer a photoshoot, a few interviewers asking them a thousand questions about how excited they are, and more than a few members of their style teams asking the Tributes to bring back mementos. "Don't worry about quality, dears, we can get that all here - we want you to bring us souvenirs for the novelty of it!"

The day of the trip, Tributes are roused bright and early, well before sunrise, and driven in Peacekeeper vans to the train station. It's all rather dour, and not like the start of a vacation at all; if one didn't know what was going on, and if the Escorts and head Stylists weren't chattering excitedly, they might think they were being hauled off to a war zone.

The trains, on the other hand, are plush, fancy things, and there is one per District. There's a single blockaded car for cargo, another for maintenance, driving and Peacekeeping staff, and then several others which are open to the Tributes. A dinner car serves three meals and has small snacks available throughout the day. Another car is an entertainment center with a selection of Capitol-approved films, and a the last one is the Tributes' temporary room. It has a bunk bed for each with sheets that was a truly intense threadcount, and a single massage chair in the back. The Stylists, Mentors and Escorts sleep in the same car, although separated by a partition.

Unfortunately, all the Tributes have to share the sleeping quarters, and it's first-come, first-served.

For the most part, the trip is so smooth that the surface of a glass full of water would not be disturbed. The trips to the closer Districts are a little under a day, but the furthest Districts - 3, 4, 7, 8, 11 and 12 - take nearly 48 hours.

[OOC: For Tributes accepted during the District tours, you can assume they arrived before the departure so they can participate in the District festivities. During the train ride there is still network access. There will only be this post and the party post from the mods for this event, so players are encouraged to make their own of their characters exploring their surroundings and enjoying the Districts.]
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Shion was much more interested in what he could see outside the train than the plush interior of the train itself. He had been glued to one window or another practically since they had set off, taking in everything he could see. Plants, trees, mountains. Real, not things made to kill them like they were in the arenas.

His hair had been dyed again, ripples of blue streaking through his natural white, giving it a strange shimmery look. As he heard someone come into the compartment he turned, blinking with black-purple eyes. "Hello." Someone new, Shion didn't recognise them but he hadn't had enough time to take note of the new people in the district four suits before the trip had happened.
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"Hi," Sam said automatically. It didn't occur to him that this was another so-called contestant. This was a kid. His brow furrowed in concerned. "You have to get out of here," he said, glancing around. "It isn't safe."
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Shion's eyes flickered around the room, looking for the danger. "What do you mean?" He wasn't sure how the man expected him to leave a moving train, or how whatever dangers lay outside the city, and the dangers of being classed a runaway would be less than whatever dangers were here.

"Did someone hurt you?"
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Sam's brow furrowed. "No," he said quickly. "No, nothing like that. Just..." His mouth screwed up in confusion. "This just isn't a safe place to be. Or it won't be. What are you doing here?"
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"Going to district four." Shion blinked, very confused and still looking around for whatever danger this man had seen that he hadn't.

He still couldn't see anything, and wondered if the man was still disorientated. When had he arrived? Shion had been horribly confused for days and he hadn't been thrown right onto a train. "You're new right? I haven't seen you before. All the people on the train are tributes representing district four, or those who work with us. There are strict rules about fighting outside the arena, so no one is going to hurt you." His voice was soft and he tried to sound reassuring.
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Sam shook his head, impatient but mostly with himself, for not being clear. "You can't be a tribute," he insisted. "You're just a kid. And once we get to the arena..." He spread his hands, helpless. "You can't be found, when we get there."
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Shion blinked, this was the second person today to call him a kid. Sixteen might not be all that old, but he was hardly a kid.

"I am. And I have been in the arena twice already. They have tributes younger than me, and before they began stealing people from other worlds all the tributes were younger than eighteen."

A harsh truth perhaps but this man needed to know what they were dealing with, the kind of people that had brought them here.
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Sam stared at him. "Seriously? That's... that's barbaric." Which, okay, all of this was, but these were humans they were dealing with.

He'd thought.

"What do you mean, you've been in the arena twice? I thought there was only one winner?"
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"It is." There was no point in denying it. Shion blinked at him and paused at the question. Because he knew the man would not like the answer, Shion didn't like the answer.

"They bring us back... once we die." He met the guys eyes, "Wesker says we are clones, all the evidence would suggest that that is true, they have the ability to create us new bodies and somehow transfer our consciousness over. So once we die we come back, and then are sent into the next arena."
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"You've got to be kidding me," Sam said. He knew the kid wasn't. He also couldn't bring himself to be nearly as surprised as he thought he should be. He recognized this as even worse than he'd thought--but at the same time, it was distant, as if through a veil. Shock, he told himself. Everything catching up to him.

Or maybe that's just life as a clone. No, can't start thinking that way. Can't just give up before you begin.

"What the hell is the point?"
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"I haven't worked out their motives yet, except to have a constant stream of people for their entertainment and to placate the districts because it is no longer their children they are killing."

It did occur to him that Sam might have meant the question in a more rhetorical manner, but Shion didn't have the answer to that one, he had no idea and had been trying not to think about the fact they weren't even in their original bodies since Wesker had told him.
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Sam wasn't even sure if it had been rhetorical. Probably, but he was in enough turmoil that the response wasn't unexpected. Indeed, it felt better to get some reaction than none, all things considered.

"Monsters," Sam muttered. "They have to be stopped."
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Shion looked around and then nodded once, "You're not alone in that thought." He sighed his voice as low as he could make it, "Just be careful, we are under constant surveillance."

It was one of their biggest hurdles, how to stop them when everything they did and said was recorded and used against them. Perhaps the surveillance would be less in the districts, but Shion wasn't sure it was worth the risk, to those in the districts. He remembered the anonymous warning and frowned.
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"Are we sure they're human?" Sam muttered. All this technology, all this money, and this was what they chose to do with it?

What had he and Dean been busting their asses for, all this time? Sam was under no illusion that humanity was invariably good. But he did labor under the necessary assumption that it was worth giving the benefit of the doubt.
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"I think so." Shion nodded, "It's usually humans that do such things..." In his experience anyways. Not that he thought all of humanity was bad, they were just... misguided, easily swayed.

"It began as a warning to the districts, to stop a war." Shion has at least studied the history, he finds it reassuring that the history still exists, even though he is aware that it is probably biased towards the Capitol. "It turned into a punishment and revenge, I'm not sure what it is now..."
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Sam hadn't had a chance to look back far enough. He had done what research he could, in the past twelve or so hours. But it hadn't been enough. Now, he shook his head, grinning mirthlessly. "Bread and circuses," he muttered, remembering something from school. "Keep the populace satisfied, unquestioning. It's not exactly a new tactic. Though... I'm much more used to dealing with demons."
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Shion nodded, it was how his own city had been ran as well. Given plenty, allowed no questions. A different city than the Capitol but similar in how it was ran, the ideas behind it.

"Demons?" He blinked, people came from very different worlds and though Shion found it hard to imagine, he thought that this man could be being literal.
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"Yeah," Sam said, grimacing. "I mean, sure, humans can be bad enough. Try mixing in monsters, demons and angels and it gets, well... you start seeing layers you never wanted to."
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"Well there's monsters in the arena..." He blinked, "But no demons, or angels." They were terms he wasn't too familiar with. "Were there a lot of those where you come from?" Shion found other peoples worlds fascinating.
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Sam shifted. This was one of those things it was his job to keep regular people from knowing. Then again, were any of them regular people, here?

"Not in the way most people would think so," he said after a moment. "That was kind of... I've spent most of my life trying to make sure most people weren't bothered by them."
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"Oh." He frowned and nodded. Not in the way most people would think... did that mean they weren't dangerous, or that they were.

"But if people don't know about them, doesn't that mean they could be hurt by them?" Because you can't fight against things you don't know exist. And Shion did not like the idea of information being kept from people, it was the sort of thing No. 6 did and Shion didn't like keeping people ignorant.
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"Yeah, sure," Sam said. "But who's gonna believe us? All we can do is try to clean up the mess. Save the people we can. And some of those people go on to become hunters, too." The kid made a good point, though. But Leviathan had happened, and Castiel had taken over Heaven, and everyone had just gone back to their routines as soon as they could. "I guess more people find out all the time. But most people don't want to know."
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Shion nodded, sometimes people didn't want to see what was right in front of them. It was what made No. 6 so strong, because as long as they weren't faced with it the people were happy to ignore any goings on. To pretend the city really was perfect.

"But they should want to know, it's important to know about the world around you."
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"It is," Sam said, then hesitated. "But what if that knowledge keeps people from living out their lives happily? What if I can stop something before it hurts more people? I don't think I can do both. Educate and eradicate. I'm not sure that's possible."
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"But is that fair?" He blinked, "That some people can just live in ignorance. You could stop things happening to them... but..."

He shook his head, "I don't know... People should know if others are suffering. It's important."

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