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The rotting Pinnochio.

Who|| R and OTA
What|| R’s been given a Capitol “Cure” for his zombification, in preparation for the next Arena. There are side effects and growing pains involved. It’s also everything he wanted. He’ll be looking for handholding on the returning bodily functions or just general hand-holding. Advice, also. Give him all the good and not-so-good advice. He’s riding high on an overall good mood despite the side effects.
Where|| Around Tribute Tower. In cafes and alleys if he’s getting sick. The closer to the Arena, the more he’ll look and act like a normal human.
When|| Between now and the next Arena. It's catch all post.
Warnings| Zombie references, also descriptions of bodily functions

By now he’s definitely seeing results from the Cure. R’s sure it’s got a specific, science-y name, but in his head he’s been calling it The Cure: short, no frills, elegant in its simplicity.

It means his body is playing catch-up. Trying to relearn basic functions. The nausea isn’t that bad at first. R’s had it before when he tried to eat anything that couldn’t talk back: deer, dog, wolf. Canned peaches. Beer. You ate one, you basically ate all of them. He’ll end up puking it up anyway. It’s the other stuff that he’s struggling with. He’s already ruined several shirts with the excessive drooling. The rash that’s popped up red as fresh blood on his arm has spread (he thinks it itches. Like, a lot). The pus it oozes is clearer by the day. The black poison that used to be his body fluids flushes out. And he’s already figured out that his bladder seems to be working – funny, that. He thought his sense of taste would’ve come first.

R can be found wandering around the immediate Tribute Tower area. Sometimes he’ll wrangle the first Living person he sees, ask them to for advice. Other times he’ll simple stagger into them, two seconds away from drooling or needing a fast escort to the nearest bathroom. The lucky ones will sit R down, try to teach him the basics of hand-eye dexterity, reading. Writing. Appreciating the finer things in life.

The muzzle, though, stays on. It’ll stay on even right before the Arena, when he’s nearly indistinguishable from a real Living, breathing boy.
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before district trips!

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Shion is vaguely aware of what is going on with R, though he hasn't seen him in a few days, at least not enough to study him and determine his well being. Their escort keeps talking about 'exciting developments' though, Shion is beginning to get worried for his friend.

He is worried about the district tours as well, and the anonymous warning on the network. He had wondered about the districts for a long time, and was half excited about what district four would be like, but also half fearful about conditions there and the kind of reaction the tributes would face.

He saw R, looking very different than he usually did, though he was drooling and didn't look too well at all. It was in a different way than usual, as if he were taken by an illness rather than just dead...

"Are you alright?"
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Shion blinked at him, he noticed a lot of differences. That rash looked nasty and the drool didn't look healthy either. But... he blinked as he realised, they were fluids. A sign of a working body, and Shion might have not completely understood everything about R yet but a working body, at least in the scientific way, was not something that R had.

He reached out to touch his arm, studying the rash to check for infection, not that he didn't trust the scientists or doctors or whoever had done this.

At least he trusted them to get it right, he didn't trust their motives at all but... this was what R had wanted. What Shion had tried to discover and failed, instead learning a truth so terrifying that he hadn't actually shared it with anyone yet.

"Congratulations." He contorted his face into a cheerful smile. Because even though he was worried, worried about what this meant and why they had done this, why now? It was still what R wanted, it was a good thing. Even if it probably came with a price.

"It's amazing! How did they do it? Do you know?"
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Shion took it from him, frowning as he read the list. Everything seemed to be covered and he wondered if it was because they had never tried it on anyone before. After all R was the only zombie here as far as Shion knew, at least the only Zombie outside of the arena.

"You're talking is a lot better." Much less groaning and he had said appointments almost in one. Shion smiled again, his smile coming easier this time because R's enthusiasm, even if it was a bit muted, was infectious.

"How are you finding it? Does your arm not hurt?" It didn't look good but Shion had nothing to compare it to, they could ask Wesker of course, he knew more than Shion did and wasn't part of the capitol even if he was a victor. They could trust him, Shion thought.
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"Well science usually is messy." He gave a small shudder but quickly banished the thoughts away. Even if the questions that burst into his mind probably needed to be answered. Science such as this was good, it was what R wanted and gave him his humanity back. The cost to R was still to be seen, but what of the cost of the research needed to produce this cure. The fact that No. 6 experimented on it's citizens, or those it had deemed not worthy of citizenship, had come as a crushing blow, even if somewhere deep down he had known them capable of it.

The Capitol didn't even bother to keep their disregard for life or life without suffering as a secret meant that he was pretty sure that any scientific advancements came with a great cost. He said none of this aloud though, this was R's triumph.

So he distracted himself with studying the rash so much. "Try not to touch it too much, hopefully it will fade on it's own. Have they said anything about it? Those that gave you the cure?"
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Shion looked at him pointedly and made a note to keep an eye on him. Most people wouldn't be able to resist picking at something like that, but it never helped and they didn't need infection on top of everything else that was happening to R's body.

It was definitely a start though, even if a messy one. He studied the scar with a frown. "It might, as your skin begins to heal itself. It might leave a permanent mark though, it depends how deep it goes."
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"I hope you can too." Because it wasn't like there was any good food in the arena, and R deserved the best food the Capitol had to offer. Shion made a note to find that out as well, when R would be able to eat actual food. He planned to quiz his escort, she was bound to know.

He reached up to move R's hand to the right place. "There." They probably needed a cloth and a mirror if it was to be cleaned properly, he stood up and gestured for R to follow him.
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Shion on the other hand couldn't pretend not to see the avox's, it was like being on the streets of West Town again, not being able to avert his eyes from the bodies, or the almost dead, the starving and diseased. Wanting so much to do something but not having the means or power to. At least then there had been small things, no matter how much Rat screamed at him for giving their bread to hungry children. But here, there was nothing. Nothing at all he could do to help, or comfort. Acknowledging them seemed upsetting, but ignoring was rude and so interactions were awkward and strange and full of guilt.

He went over to the towels, wetting one of them in the sink so it would clean better. He blinked at R's question, he hadn't thought of that. Hadn't thought of after, if they got out of here, if they got home. If any of that was possible... then surely getting the cure to R's world would be as well.

"You could do," He turned on all the taps in an effort to distort sound a little bit. "If we manage to get home, I am sure you can take it. We could always try and find out how it is made, so that you know."
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"We could." He nodded, though he wasn't sure. He remembered Wesker when they had been trapped in the strange nightmare in the crowning. Wesker pinning him to the car, Shion thinking he was going to kill him. He wasn't sure bringing up infections or zombies around him would be safe, but Wesker was their best bet. And Shion trusted him.

"Will they not let you take it off?" He asked gesturing at the muzzle. It would be easier if they could take it off to wash it, but Shion wouldn't risk it if R thought it was a bad idea. He wasn't sure how far the cure had gone to stop his hunger.
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"A little." Shion shrugged, and took another towel so he could help. If the muzzle couldn't come off then R needed help, because there was no way he had the dexterity to clean it himself. "It's like... a cage. I don't like cages..." Didn't like his friends in cages, or captured. And R was his friend, the fact he had turned him didn't matter, Shion knew he hadn't been able to help it, he had been hungry.

"Does it bother you?"
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It was a dreadful thing, Shion thought as he waited for R to speak. Though he disliked the muzzle he knew why it was important, first hand. And R did too and knowing that you could hurt those around you, that must be a hard thing to bear.

At least the parasite bees only killed you, and relatively quickly. Shion thought for a plague that had wiped out large numbers of No. 6 it had not been as bad as it could have been. And that was a frightening thought. What would happen if he failed... when he failed because he wasn't even there to keep Elyurius' deal. She had clearly said he must bring the city to kindness, to peace. He wasn't so egotistic to believe that people would fall back into old habbits without him there, but what if she believed him to have abandoned the city. Would she destroy it? Without him or Rat there...

And if she did decide to destroy it what would she do, something worse than the bees. It was a terrifying thought and for a moment Shion couldn't breathe. He just stood there staring at R, but not seeing him, eyes wild as he tried tried to force his mind from his train of thought and back to the conversation at hand.

"I'm glad... that they found a cure." He choked out, trying to stay in the now and not tumble down into his thoughts. R didn't need a panicking Shion on top of everything else. He tried to hang onto that thought. That soon R wouldn't have to worry, he would have a whole new load of worries, but eating his friends would not be one of them.
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Shion blinked at him, still trying to stay here, concentrate, breathe, focus on R and the towel and the bathroom. "I'm okay... I just..."

He took another breath, not even attempting a reassuring smile, he didn't think it would work. "I just worry... about my world, I don't know what is happening while I am here... it might not be good." Probably wasn't good. Especially since Rat was here too now.

At least before he could have helped, even if Rat wasn't in No. 6 he could have returned, but both of them were here now, and had no way of helping the city or any of the people.
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Shion let himself be steered and sat down, wondering at the smell and blinking down at R. He was fine, he just sometimes... forgot to be. But he blinked at R, amazed that he seemed worried, despite the fact that R was clearly the worse off here with the rash and the drooling and the rest of the changes that looked very uncomfortable.

"It's just..." He gathered his words, dragging them from the confusion of his mind and trying to put them into coherent sentences.

"I was given a job before I left, it was important and... something really bad will happen if I fail and I'm here... so I can't do it and a lot of people might die." Would die, it had been a promise and one Shion would have never broken of his own choice.
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Shion blinked at R as the words took a while to settle into his mind, then he raised an eyebrow. If he wasn't so panicked he would have laughed at the very idea of him winning an arena. He wasn't winning material, he wasn't even surviving material and had proved it twice now.

"Winning doesn't mean you get to go home." He blinked, because of course that was the other issue. Winning just meant you didn't have to go into the arena, winning didn't free you.

"If it did... Rat could win..." Not Shion, but if Rat won he could help them, he had been Elyrius' first choice after all.

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