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Do not adjust your screen.

[Like before, the screen turns black, with green text appearing on it.]

I hear they're sending you all out to the Districts to play happy Tributes.

They will tell you all sorts of things while you're out there. 

But all have died for us, and we are thankful. But there are lots of dead children, brothers and sisters from the years before. Aunts and Uncles never meet. Hell, probably a few mothers and fathers.

They don't exactly hand out birth control in the districts. They all know we'd just use it till there were no more of us.

So thankful, yeah. But pissed off too.

Not at you all. But there is too much pain to keep pretending everything is fixed by some magic trick of temporary death. 

[A touch screen keyboard, something your devices previously didn't have, appears. The option is only available when you look at this message and its replies.]

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[He never replied to the first one, but he risks it this time, tripple checking that he is in anonymous mode] Trying to heal pain with more pain has never worked for anyone. Killing more people, even to revive us was never intended to bring those the districts lost back to them.
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It won't, but even if it backfires on them, those in the districts and us will still end up hurt. It is a delicate situation.
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Is it too presumptuous to ask if you have any advice.
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I think I can manage that. Thank you, for warning us.