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Who| Everyone, pretty much. Particularly Secret Santa people and those Creuntus is fucking with.
What| Holiday times!
Where| The Tribute Training center
When| The whole week, but Creuntus' gifts arrive today.
Warnings/Notes| none atm. Please add any in thread headers. Also, for secret santa, if you are the giver start a thread with your giftee's name (unless you two have worked something else out between you). You can use the District threads below, or choose a different setting of your own.

Every floor public space is dripping with holiday decorations.

The decorations are themed, ridiculously so. Every surface is covered, and a table sits proudly full of holiday treats and spirits, kept stocked constantly by the avoxes. Cheerful music plays softly throughout the whole building, though luckily for everyone the Capitol doesn't really know what Christmas carols are.

Those with secret santa's have a cheery, passive-aggressive note reminding them not to disappoint anyone and ruin their holiday.

Those that have expressed a want for some object from home will find a box on their bed sometime during the day, with a merry holiday greeting from Cruentus. Inside they will find the object of their desire, or something similar, crafted from their words.

In blown glass. Pretty, decorative, utterly useless.

Bert's guns, Punchy's goggles, Sigma's music box, Maximus' leg, Mindy's knife, Terezi's dragon cane...on and on, as many gifts as Creuntus could find out. Those that were with them when they were pulled are more perfect replicas, those that they have just described obviously have an artistic touch to them.
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Shion was a little confused by all this, but he was sat in the lounge looking at the palm trees and sea shells, picking one up to look at it more carefully. He was from a place where the only celebration was of the city, so this was different and new. And he was mostly content to watch and observe and learn about these customs from other worlds, for it seemed like this festival was one that other tributes new, and Rat had told him it had been celebrated in their world before things went wrong, it was in books.
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Rat had allowed his stylists to gussy him up a bit, but he had vetoed most effectively some of the more ludicrous suggestions. One, in particular he'd had no trouble with was a strange hat wrapped in evergreen that had a point that curved forward, like a leaning Christmas tree. From the point dangled a piece of mistletoe.

He had arrived fashionably late, as he had one bit of business to attend to with Shion's stylists. He was sure they would not soon forget the gift they'd been given this year.

He leaned over the back of Shion's chair, and was sure to dangle the mistletoe into Shion's face. "Ah, there you are."
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assuming this is northern American mistletoe, the things I research....

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"Phoradendron serotinum." Shion blinked at the plant on Rat's hat. "A parasitic plant. But one with healing capabilities. Is there a reason you are wearing it?"
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Re: assuming this is northern American mistletoe, the things I research....

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He came around in front, showing the rest of his outfit. It was a bright red and green tartan suit, with a black shirt and a gold tinsel tie. If you looked closer, there were threads of gold running through the tartan as well. Despite the ridiculous clothing, he seemed to be enjoying himself. Any evidence of having punched someone was hidden under leather gloves.

"Dickens, Shion. Young Ebeneezer and his precious Belle meeting under the mistletoe at the Fezziwig's party," he explained briefly. He grabbed Shion's hand and dragged him to his feet.
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Rat looked even more rediculous than Shion, who was dressed in dark red and green, his shirt was once again lacking buttons. He had pretty much resigned himself to be slightly chilly at all times, not that it mattered much, the buildings in the Capitol were warm.

He squeaked slightly as he was dragged to his feet, "Dickens? I don't think I've read that yet."
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He just stayed rather close to Shion, still grinning like the cat that caught the mouse. Or, in this case, the rat that caught a snake. "Do you know what people are supposed to do when they meet under the mistletoe?" The hat did quite a fine job of dangling the plant directly between the two, in a rather pointed kind of way.

He just hoped the Capitol at large was paying attention.
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"Dance?" It was a decent enough guess, they were almost in a dance hold and people danced at parties in books.
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He laughed a bit. "No, Shion." He shook his head. He tipped his head forward so that the mistletoe tapped against Shion's forehead. "They're supposed to kiss."
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"Oh." He blushed, his whole face going red. But Rat wanted to kiss him? Shion blinked, wanting to of course, but pausing. Because they only ever kissed to say goodbye and he didn't want Rat to leave him again, wouldn't let Rat leave.
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He grinned widely, and brought one hand around behind Shion's back just above his hip, and he gathered up the back of his shirt and tugged him backward. A tap of his foot against the back of his knee and Shion was going backward. And Rat's lips were on his.
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Shion yelped as he lost his balance, still not coordinated enough to not fall to the floor when pushed. His arms windmilled but soon he was distracted by the kiss, black purple eyes staring intently into Rat's.

He had missed him, he had thought he would never see him again and he had barely been able to cope. Since coming here he had hoped he wouldn't see him again, since it would mean him being here in this place where these people were going to make him kill and die. Yes Rat was good, he could fight and he could survive but there were better killers in the arena, and Shion had to protect him.
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Shion was never in danger of falling, not when Rat was around. He stood Shion back up, with a smirk. He could tell he was enjoying the return to a much more comfortable life than in the slums. "You should close your eyes when someone kisses you," he told him, with a tap on the shoulder.
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Shion clung to him until he was sure he wasn't going to fall, and blinked. "That's not a rule." Was it? Were there actually rules about kissing? Surely Shion would know them if there were.
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"You've got a lot to learn about kisses," he concluded, but reached into his inside jacket pocket. "But, I found something interesting this morning that I thought you might like." From his jacket he pulled three life-size blown glass figurines of Hamlet, Cravat, and Tsukiyo in nearly perfect likeness.
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He just blushed, determined to learn, wondering if there was someway he could learn such things without having to rely on Rat. He relied on him for so much.

His face broke into a smile when he saw the mice. "Wow, they are so similar." He reached out to touch one. "You just found them? Where did they come from?"
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That was one kind of lesson Rat might take issue with someone else giving. Not that he would ever admit it so simply.

He shrugged. "They were left in my room. I guess they were a gift for me. Someone, somewhere knows quite a bit more about me than I would have thought." His tone was pleasant, but Shion would be able to pick up on the veiled anger in his eyes and under those words. He was playing nice in public, but if they had been alone, this would be a very different kind of conversation. He'd almost broken them as soon as he'd realized what this meant. But, they may yet have their use.
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"They know more about anyone of us than we would like." Shion blinked at him, noting the anger and knowing how Rat was putting on a public face.

"The surveillance and interest in our lives here could put No. 6 to shame." A terrifying thought, Shion stared at the rats in silence.
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He spoke a bit more quietly. "Just when I thought you'd gotten comfortable again..." he said. He reached over and took a bit of Shion's now-green hair in his fingers, and scowled. After a moment, he offered the rats to Shion. "I'll let you guard these for me."
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Shion blushed, he wasn't that bad, that he would fall back into bad habits after everything that had happened. He wasn't the same boy Rat had rescued from No. 6.

He blinked, reaching out to take the rats, "Are you sure?"
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He nodded. "They're no good to me made of glass," he shrugged. And nostalgia was something that was sure to get him killed around here. "I thought you might miss them."
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"I do..." He blinked at Rat and then the glass rats in his hands. "Thank you."
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He shrugged. He left it at that. If he were being honest with himself, he might be softening up a bit in these surroundings, much as he had accused Shion of. But he knew he needed to make something of.... whatever this was to get some attention, and thus sponsorship, and thus a better chance of victory. "Merry Christmas, Shion."
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Shion smiled at him back. "Merry Christmas." He looked down at the rats in his hand. Glad that Rat was here, even though it meant consequences that Shion didn't want to think about at the moment.