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Who| Everyone, pretty much. Particularly Secret Santa people and those Creuntus is fucking with.
What| Holiday times!
Where| The Tribute Training center
When| The whole week, but Creuntus' gifts arrive today.
Warnings/Notes| none atm. Please add any in thread headers. Also, for secret santa, if you are the giver start a thread with your giftee's name (unless you two have worked something else out between you). You can use the District threads below, or choose a different setting of your own.

Every floor public space is dripping with holiday decorations.

The decorations are themed, ridiculously so. Every surface is covered, and a table sits proudly full of holiday treats and spirits, kept stocked constantly by the avoxes. Cheerful music plays softly throughout the whole building, though luckily for everyone the Capitol doesn't really know what Christmas carols are.

Those with secret santa's have a cheery, passive-aggressive note reminding them not to disappoint anyone and ruin their holiday.

Those that have expressed a want for some object from home will find a box on their bed sometime during the day, with a merry holiday greeting from Cruentus. Inside they will find the object of their desire, or something similar, crafted from their words.

In blown glass. Pretty, decorative, utterly useless.

Bert's guns, Punchy's goggles, Sigma's music box, Maximus' leg, Mindy's knife, Terezi's dragon cane...on and on, as many gifts as Creuntus could find out. Those that were with them when they were pulled are more perfect replicas, those that they have just described obviously have an artistic touch to them.
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For Lindsey!

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Shion stood nervously in the lounge of district five, an Avox having let him in. He stared at the lights, his gift clutched in his hands. He was not really sure how this gift giving thing went, or if his gift was correct in honouring the man who he had only met once. Hopefully the facts gathered in that short time had been enough.

So here he was, waiting.
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Lindsey was ready to head out himself, with his own Secret Santa gift all nicely wrapped in a large box. He was stopped on his way out when he saw the kid from a few days before.

"Hey, Shion, right? Waiting for a friend again?" His sarcastic tone showed that he wasn't buying it this time, especially since there weren't many in his district who he would consider 'friendly'.
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Shion nodded, and blushed. He had figured that Lindsey hadn't actually believed him. Maybe Rat was right, his acting was awful.

"No, actually I am looking for you." He smiled and handed out his gift.
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If Shion had picked a better district, even with all of Lindsey's skills of reading liars, he might have believed it. Lindsey wasn't aware of who all the tributes were and who they may be friendly with, but his district struck him as the type to shoot kids more.

The truth though did get him to raise his eyebrow in curiosity.

"Drew my name, huh." Placing the his own intended gift to the side, he accepted the box with a genuine grin. "Mind if I open it now?"
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"Yes." He nodded and smiled nervously, "I hope you like it..." His world had no equivalent so buying gifts for people had been a new thing and he wasn't sure he had in any way succeeded. "He hadn't actually wanted to buy him something to remind him of his death, but hadn't wanted to defy the capitol. Lindsey didn't seem the type to be too traumatised though so Shion hoped he liked the fossil, and the book.

If he hated them both them hopefully he liked the chocolates, everyone liked chocolate right?
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Lindsey's eyebrows rose at the fossil and the book, more surprised that such things could be found in Panem still than that the kid bought him them. He was chewed up by one after all, and he appreciated these more than getting a miniature model of them.

And, if nothing else, the chocolates were a nice touch.

"Thanks," he said after a moment, grinning a bit to show that he did not detest the gift. Opening the box of chocolates, he offered Shion first pick. "Go ahead. You bought them."
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Shion smiled glad that he hadn't hated them. Glad that he hadn't read him wrong and managed to insult him. He shook his head at the box though, "I got them for you."

He waved his hand, for Lindsey to pick.
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"Go on, I'm treating you to one." Last time he got free chocolates, he suspected they were laced with something. He didn't think the kid was going to do anything like that here, but he asked anyway, "Are they poisoned?"

If Shion decided to get one, he'll grin to show he was only joking and pick one after him.
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"No." His eyes widened, he hadn't even thought that Lindsey would suspect poison. He guessed it was a natural worry though. Just one he hadn't thought about, he probably should have. Was it a regular occurrence, tributes trying to kill each other outside of the arena?

He took a chocolate, to prove it wasn't poisoned. He had thought, and hoped that now Rat was here food would no longer taste like ashes in his mouth, but they did, the worry about what would happen and everything about the arena made him barely have an appetite. But the chocolate was nice, sweet and easy to eat.
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Lindsey smiled like he had been playing with him all along and took one up as soon as Shion ate his. "They're nice," he said with a wide grin. "Thanks." Taking up the other stuff, he looked around, then back to the large gift box that he had placed down.

"So... if that's all... mind if I'm on my way?" He still had his gift to deliver.
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Shion nodded, "Of course, I didn't mean to keep you." He smiled back and stood to let Lindsey past.