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New arrivals!

Who: Rat, Shion, and you!
What: Rat is here to make a good first impression.
When: After the Crowning
Where: Anywhere in Tribute Tower

Shion had to be here. A brief few minutes with a computer had confirmed it. He had to move carefully. He was still wearing the clothes he'd walked away from Shion in, with dried blood spots on his tan, torn pants, and on the arm of his yellow shirt. There was other blood on him too, some of which was his attacker, and some was even Shion's.

But he moved silently, using the upper rafters as his path through the larger areas. No one seemed to notice him. That was not always the case, but he stuck to halls that were empty.

That Crowning. Enjolras and the others... he wonderd if Shion had recognized them.

But soon, he wouldn't have to wonder. He found Shion's apartment. There, he would wait. He stood in a place behind the door so that when it opened, he couldn't be seen until it was too late.

As soon as Shion entered, he sprung on him. He turned the lights out and grabbed Shion's arm. He twisted it around behind him, and leveraged him up onto his toes. "You may have to fight, but you're still an easy mark," he stated. He didn't seem in a rush to let Shion go.

((OOC; Feel free to tag the rat infestation! He can be skulking around anywhere. He's unarmed but if a fight gets picked he'll still fight back.))
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Shion hadn't left his room much since the crowning, the dream. The nightmare. Since being killed and waking up in his rooms to concerned looking scientists.

He had gone out when forced out but most the time stuck to places he figured was safe. He did have to leave sometimes though and he screamed as he was grabbed and hauled up.

He fought and struggled, panicking and not even hearing the words, though something, the tone, the voice, the way he was being held pinged bells in his mind. He lashed out though, trying to get free.
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He was on the flood and he couldn't move but he kept fighting until he heard his name. Recognised the voice at last, and went completely limp.

"Rat..." No it couldn't be. Rat wasn't here. Couldn't be here. Couldn't be in this place of danger and death, of lies...

He couldn't be here, he had gone. He had to be safe, away. Not here.

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Shion didn't get all the way up, but he did turn to follow Rat with his eyes as the light was switched back on.

It was him, really him and he was here. Shion shook his head, staring at him in a mix of horror and sadness. "What are you doing here? You can't be here!"
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Good luck with that Rat, most the clothing is on the verge of ridiculous, but there are some training clothes in there.

Shion blushed, "I don't know it." He finally got to his feet and followed Rat to the cupboard. "When did you get here." His ears were practically ringing and he felt sick, but he was breathing and that was a start.
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That was better, Shion didn't like to see Rat covered in blood.

"You were at the party?" He asked, blinking, fighting back the anger that rose in him, the fact they had taken him, put wires in him, manipulated his dreams. No one should do that to Rat.
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Shion winced, "I didn't, but they didn't work." He still stared at Rat, still not fully believing he was here.

"They sent me to another place, not the party." The scientists hadn't given any reason why it hadn't worked, nor any apologies for the nightmare he had been thrown into.
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Shion shrugged, "I did not know that you were there."
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"Another place, it was a dream as well." Shion blinked at him, "A nightmare, it happened to a few of us, we were all their together."
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Shion blinked, glad to not have to continue. He nodded and stood up, "Well this is my room." Very neat, a strange furry purring creature on the edge of the desk, nothing to see there.
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The tribble cooed and shook and Shion reached out to take it from Rat, stroking it until it calmed down. "It doesn't have one, you're scaring it."
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"They are called tribbles, they seem to have been made by this place." He stroked his again, "I called him Darjeeling."
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"Why? I can care for them all equally." He blinked at Rat, don't estimate his ability to love cute fluffy creatures. All of them.

The tribble cooed as well and Shion resumed stroking it. "They don't even need food, they don't eat. I'm not sure how on earth they live, they are facinating!"
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Shion just stroked the tribble some more and put it back on the side. "Alright." He nodded, slipping on his shoes.

"The floors here represent actual districts outside the city." He explained though Rat hadn't asked but when did Shion need an excuse to babble.

"We've never been there but that is what it means, we replaced those that came from there, before."
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"Ow!" Shion tried to bat Rat's hand away, "They dyed it, let go."
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"My stylists." Shion told him, scowling back, "I fought them for months, it wasn't as if I just let them."
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"They do." He shrugged, "It's their job."