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Whether in their room, or in their mail boxes, various people connected with the games are receiving Secret Santa information.

Even if they didn't sign up for it.

For those given Tributes, a small summary of their deaths in included, with a neatly written note:

Be sure to help out Tribute celebrate the holiday season by honoring their courageous sacrifices!

For those who do not have a Tribute, they are given a simple list of what the Capitol believe someone in their demographic would enjoy. As if a Tribute could not figure out that a young, Capitol woman might enjoy "Perfume, Bubbble bath, Chocolates."

The note concludes by letting the gift givers know that gifts will be traded on December 22rd.

((OOC-If you would like to thread out some sort of reaction, feel free here. Secret Santas will be posted to the original OOC post here in the next few minutes. Feel free to leave questions in your replies, and find your secret santa's information on that post.))
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Not so far away there is a boy with green, gold and silver hair watching him. He was still a little confused about what Christmas entailed, and his mind was still not back from the shock that Rat was here, nor the trauma of the nightmare he had been thrown into.

But he had found Lindsey quickly enough and now was watching him, observing him to see what he would like, and how best to honour him, even if Shion didn't want to do that at all. It seemed cruel. So he was watching the man, and trying to ignore the screen.
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Sorry, I was away for the holidays. Back now!

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Lindsey must have spent two hours on watching the grisly replay when a certain night scene turned screen of the large tv set black. It was then on that slightly reflective surface that he noticed a kid lurking behind him, watching, it seemed, not the screen, but him.

The scene on the screen changed to show a raptor attacking an in-game Lindsey McDonald, and grimacing, Lindsey glanced away. He wasn't all that interested in watching his own demise, he remembered it quite well already, thank you very much. So taking the opportunity, he turned around to take in the young man hanging not too far behind him.

"Liking what you see?"
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its okay!

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Shion nodded, smiling a little, hoping the man didn't mind him being there "Are you researching for the next arena." He was glad to have something to distract him from the death on screen. "You're braver than I am, I can never watch them back."
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Ah, is Shion

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Lindsey arched an eyebrow at the boy. "You know what they say, learning what kills you makes you stronger." Glancing to see that his own death scene was over, Lindsey paused the screen on some scenic view of the dino forests and nodded for the boy to join him on the couch. "I don't think you're in the right district, which means you're either lost or you're looking for someone."
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He blinked and nodded, not sure that he agreed with that. But it sounded like something Rat would say. He would get no where if he avoided everything that frightened him, and everything that hurt him. As hard as that was.

He sat down next to Lindsey nervously, "Oh... I'm waiting for a friend." He lied, "I hope I'm not disturbing you."

He watched him intently for his answer, taking note of everything he could. If he was to buy this man a present he had to know as much about him as possible, and he didn't have much time, there was only so much time he could make up reasons to stay here.
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Oops, even I didn't know what I was saying.

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It was a weak excuse but Lindsey couldn't see what the boy had to lie about. Nearly everything about the tributes were publicized, there was little value in spying on other districts.

So giving the other an almost friendly smile, Lindsey resumed playing the video. For now, it just showed some of the remaining tributes doing various mundane things. "Nah, I'm nearly done watching. Great fun as it is, I should probably take a break." The video kept playing in the background although Lindsey's attention was on the kid. "Don't think I know your name."

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Shion tried to ignore the video though his eyes kept being drawn towards it. "Oh... I'm Shion, you're name is Lindsey isn't it?" Despite his dislike of watching the games he did watch it when it was on, since both arenas he had been in he had died very early on. So he knew most people by sight.

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"Yeah, it is." Lindsey grinned like he was proud of his fame to the point that the kid heard of him, although he was one of the older tributes here. He was starting to notice that a lot of the tributes that were here before him were already gone. It was also refreshing that he wasn't being mixed up with his brother although that took the fun out of it.

Picking up the bit of discomfort whenever Shion looked at the screen, like a person who cannot look away from an accident, Lindsey decided to pick that as his topic. "A lot of people got chewed up by dinosaurs last time. Guess they were tired of seeing only tributes killing each other."
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"Yeah." Shion's voice was almost a squeak but he calmed down and managed a small smile. He had been practicing, words and phrases, not letting his emotions show at all. Polite smiles that hid anger or sadness.

Rat would probably die laughing if ever he saw him, Shion had never been a good actor.

"Perhaps they realised that people would fight for each other as well as against each other. It makes good entertainment." People dying for each other, people banding together to fight greater dangers, to know that in the end only one could survive.
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The boy was uncomfortable, but he made a valiant attempt at hiding it. Almost as good as Lindsey's attempt to take on a raptor one on one, and they all knew how that ended up.

"Everything new makes for good entertainment," Lindsey agreed with a wry grin. "It's what live reality TV shows are all about; anything and everything that's not in the lives of the audience." He nodded to the screen where another tribute was getting torn apart by the vicious extinct creatures. "You'll never see one of these running around the streets of Panem, so that makes it good entertainment. And they pick people off faster than they can to each other."
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"Luckily." He couldn't imagine the damage such a creature would do. Especially in this city where fighting and surviving was for other people, something to watch on television and not have to worry about in their day to day lives.

"It makes you wonder what they will come up with next." He mostly tried not to think about it, but it was hard not to wonder and dread.
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One of these probably didn't hold a candle's light to the Aliens that were running around a while ago. Not something he should mention either, or, would be understood if he did. Lindsey had been here long enough to know that not every tribute grew up around the same pop culture.

"Probably something we can't anticipate, not much use thinking about it." Lindsey kicked back, throwing his feet on the coffee table before him as if in a physical protest to thinking too hard. "I'll worry about it when I'm in there." He nodded at the TV. "So, when's your friend coming around?"
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Shion nodded, it was a good strategy but one he couldn't follow. He was always worrying, it was what he did best. He over thought things, made plans, worried about those plans.

"Oh... He should be here soon..." He smiled and looked around, as if looking for him.
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Lindsey made a random agreeing noise then curiously looked around as if expecting one of his district mates to pop out. When no one appeared, he turned his curious glance back to Shion.

"I'm done here. You take your time waiting, enjoy the free show." Picking up the remote control, he put it by the kid. He doubted anyone was going to show up anytime soon and as curious as he was, he didn't feel like sticking around to wait.
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"Thank you." Shion was kind of glad he was going, so he could sneak out and not have to sit here any longer waiting for his non existent friend. He wondered if that was purposeful on Lindsey's part. He hadn't seemed to believe Shion's story at all.