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The Crowning of Enjolras

WHO| All Tributes and Victor, plus a few Capitol guests
WHAT| The Crowning of Enjolras
WHERE| The Tribute Center
WHEN| A few weeks after the end of the Arena
WARNINGS| Forced medical experimentation, needles.

The atmosphere surrounding the Crowning is both tense and secretive. The style teams flutter around listlessly, having received no information from which to draft their designs. Newspapers take bets on when it will be announced where the Crowning is being held, descending into grousing when no press release is given. Peacekeepers pour in and out of the Tribute Center, accompanied by scientists who occasionally pull Tributes aside and look at the veins in their elbows. Even the Avoxes seem jumpier than usual.

Aside from the Tribute Center's new giant marble statute of a nude Enjolras, posed like the famed David, one could almost forget the party is supposed to be celebratory.

When the day arrives, the Escorts and their assistants don't lead the Tributes to their style teams to be gussied instead. Instead, they hush the Tributes and bring them to their bedrooms, where a Peacekeeper, a white-coated citizen and several Avoxes await them. The Escorts instruct the Tributes to lay down in their bed and close their eyes, and a needle is inserted into their arms that the Escorts insist will 'take them to the party'. It's soon followed by a series of sensors taped to the forehead.

Just relax, the Escorts say, and they do their very best to make sure their Tributes feel minimal anxiety. If the Tributes resist too much, more Peacekeepers are called in, and the Tributes are forced into submission.

The first effect is a sort of paralysis - not the terrifying inability to move, but a signal to the brain that says why move? Moving is so much effort. It's quickly followed by drowsiness, and then a chill that radiates from the needle into the body, and finally, unconsciousness.

And that is when the party begins. The Tributes, now dressed in luxurious 1830's French clothing of a quality beyond even what their Stylists could manage, wake up in the front row of a large stone theater setting reminiscent of, simultaneously, Greek and French architecture. The floor of the theater is filled with buffets of every imaginable sort of food. Rose petals fall from the sky, which displays a sunset worthy of award-winning photography.

For his part, Enjolras sits in a throne made of books on the ring of the amphitheater, flanked by Marius, Cosette, Eponine, and bizarrely enough Venus Dee Milo and Ellie, seated on lush pillows and carpets made of dinosaur skin (with the heads comically attached and eyes lolling).

"Welcome, welcome, our Tributes and Mentors, to the first ever somnofestival, sponsored by Hypnogogia!" Caesar Flickerman, noted talkshow host and Games presenter, appears in a fabulous sequined toga in the center of the amphitheater. He doesn't need a microphone; the acoustics here are flawless. "And congratulations to our Victor! Let us hear it for Enjolras!"

He awaits applause.

"As you may have noticed, you're inside a shared dream, due to the just fantastic technology from the Capitol and certain, ah, biological contributions from our dear favorite Aunamee." He holds a hand out and gestures to Aunamee, anticipating wild applause. "We thought that for our most philosophical Victor yet, we should celebrate in a way that's a little bit…cerebral."

Caesar laughs and gestures at all the food, then puts a cheeky finger to his lips. "By all means, enjoy yourselves. Even the most indulgent desserts here won't show up on your hips tomorrow. The party only last three hours, so you might as well get started!"

He vanishes into thin air, leaving the Tributes to celebrate. Occasionally, the Tributes will hear voices in their heads - chatter from the Peacekeeper and scientist and Escort still in their room, in the waking world. Otherwise, this is a party like any other, if somewhat surreal in nature.


The party begins the same way for all the Tributes. For an unlucky few, however, it soon diverges as they come under an unfortunate glitch in the system.

They'll look around and find only a handful of their fellow Tributes around them. The sky, rather than being a magnificent splay of color, is now blank white, and yet the lighting in the theater seems dim. A sense of panic, detached from any conscious thoughts, surges forth in them like the tide.

For them, this isn't a shared dream. This is a shared nightmare.
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Shion, OTA (warnings for even more creepy medical stuff)

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Shion had fought. It had surprised the scientists and his escorts. They had never seen him fight, not in the arena and not outside it. He had argued yes but never once lashed out, or even seemed like he would ever do such a thing.

But then there were wires and scientists and needles and all Shion could think of were tubes, wires, conveyor belts of brains, he struggled, fought, nails and teeth and it took two peacekeepers to restrain him.

Soon the paralysis began and he stopped fighting, though there were tears in his black purple eyes.

He calmed a little bit when he heard the words, the crowning, new technology. It would be alright.

Except it wasn't, the colours faded, the lighting dimmed. He felt stirings of fear even though he had just convinced himself it would be alright. But it wasn't, the faces changed around him. Corpses, all of them, somewhere in the distance he could hear screams and a baby crying. The smell of rotting flesh almost overwhelmed him and he staggered backwards, panic flaring.
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Re: Shion, OTA (warnings for even more creepy medical stuff)

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All he could do was run. In this nightmare, he wore his uniform and the maneuver gear, but the gas was empty and all he had for a sword was two broken sections attached to a handle. So all he could do was run.

What was he running from? A Titan, 10 meters tall. Armin seemed to have started with some sort of ground advantage, but he was losing it quickly to the Titan's long strides. It was bald, bearded, and slack-jawed. Blood dribbled from its lips into its beard. Armin's face was deep, deep panic. He had no concept of where he was running, only that he was.

He tripped on a leg somewhere at the bottom of the heap and went down onto the floor hard. The blade holders clanged and clattered, but the mechanisms stayed together. That was it. The gap had been closed in just that moment.

All he could do was turn over in time to see a hand reaching for him. He screamed, tears running down his face.
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Re: Shion, OTA (warnings for even more creepy medical stuff)

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"Armin!" Shion didn't think, just moved. Running and grabbing Armin and pulling him away. Somehow it worked, just.

He ran dragging Armin behind him, but froze as he heard a noise, and a swarm of bees came from the other direction.

He looked at Armin in horror, trapped between the titan that was closing in, and the bees.
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Re: Shion, OTA (warnings for even more creepy medical stuff)

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The break of Shion rescuing him had gotten his brain back into gear. With what he knew about bees, those were way too huge to be anything he was interested in taking his chances with. His eyes cast around for some kind of escape. "This way!" he'd spotted a hallway, a smaller version of the underground tunnels under the inner walls. Or was it the path that lead to Rat's room underground? It took them at an oblique angle to the bees, but they were hopefully a less certain death than the clutches of the Titan.

As he ran, he swatted at any bees that came too close with the blade. He clipped a couple wings with it, but all he succeeded in was getting his hand stung.
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"Don't let them sting you." Probably useless advice, since there was no way to stop them. He let Armin pull him through the tunnels.

It was soon blocked though, with bodies. Shion took a deep breath, forcing himself not to stop.
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The titan couldn't get at them in here, but there was nothing stopping the bees. Armin could hear the telltale thudding of Titan feet up above. Then, all at once, the roof came down directly next to them, on top of the pile of bodies. The cause was clear, a giant, skinless foot. Armin pulled Shion away, but one of the blade holders was crushed under some of the rubble.

The dust and debris seemed to have foiled the bees for the moment, but they had to keep moving. The sun streamed in through the broken ceiling, but that didn't seem to be a herald of anything improving. Armin struggled for a moment to get the gear to release from him. "Go, Shion! I'll catch up! Listen to the ground above you!"
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His eyes widened as the ceiling collapsed and ran back towards Armin. "No." He reached backwards to try and help free the gear. "I'm not leaving you."
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Finally, with one last artless whack on the mechanism, it came free. He forced himself up over the pile of bodies and rubble, still holding onto the last two blade sections he had. "We need to keep moving! Don't stop unless I tell you!"

As though to punctuate his point, another Titan foot crashed down behind them, not far from where it had the first time.
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Shion nodded, and began to run again, eyes wild as he tracked everything, keeping an eye on Armin as they ran, trying not to panic even with the giant feet collapsing the tunnel.
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Sometimes it was in front of them, sometimes behind. Each time, it crept closer and closer. He didn't know how long they'd been running, but he didn't have many ideas of how to solve this. Last time, they had gone out on the surface, but there wasn't any exits from this tunnel. If only Eren were here...

But then there was a roar of another Titan. As he scrambled over a pile of rubble, he saw what he couldn't believe was actually happening. Shaggy black hair, wide, demented grin. The Rogue Titan. Eren. He stood atop what the Titan had brought crashing down, to see Eren and the other titan fighting. It wasn't the bearded one anymore, it was Annie, the skinless female Titan with the long blond hair. He let out a loud bark of a laugh at the sight. It was more than he could have ever expected to happen.
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Shion's eyes widened as he saw another titan, and a female one. They were fighting among themselves, Shion hoped this was a good thing, a chance for him and Armin to get away. "Come on."
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Armin kept moving through the tunnel, eventually heading through a door that seemed to leave the chaos above ground far behind. The dream seemed to have allowed them a reprieve from the Titan threat for now. Once they were both in, Armin closed the door behind them and rested his back against it, panting. "Are you hurt at all?" he asked him, looking him over. They weren't out of the woods yet, and he wanted to know how they stood.
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Shion looked Armin over as well and shook his head, getting his breath back. "No, I'm fine. How about you?" There was banging from outside, but it was distant, they had a few moments before they had to move again.
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He shook his head. "I'm not hurt," he answered. There was some blood on his pants, but the dark color and that it was on top of his straps instead of behind them showed it wasn't his. He didn't seem to be much bothered by it.

But he did hesitate a moment before he asked something. "Shion... what was that pile of bodies?" Even if he'd been running for his life, he couldn't help but notice them.
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Shion nodded satisfied that he wasn't hurt. Wincing at the question, "Exactly what it looked like, a pile of bodies... We have to go, those... you called them titans right? They will be here soon."